Baby Proof Your Home Today – A piece of advice for First-time Parents!

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Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Bringing in your first bundle of joy home must surely be one of the most exciting times of your life. We understand that you’re a little overwhelmed! But, do remember to put the safety of your home and newborn on top of the priority list. It’s high time that you should get your home secured and welcome your baby into a baby proof home!

You might wish that there’d be some manual for first time parents like you. Well, here’s the one! We have jotted down a few tips that can help you get through the first few extra cautious years and make your home as safe as it can get for your kiddo.

1: Cover all electric sockets with guards

A newborn is the most curious of all! They are always eager to pick and prod anything and everything with their little fingers. The things that can turn out to be most dangerous ones are the electrical sockets. These sockets are placed close to the ground level, which increases the risk manifold. Once you are ready to bring your little one home, make sure to cover all the electrical sockets with guards to prevent your tiny one from getting the electric shock.

2: Install safety gates

As soon as your tiny toddler starts rolling, crawling or trying to walk all over the place, you should rush to set up some arrangement to keep them away from places like garage, store-room, staircase, and alike. This will avoid your toddler from tripping over something or falling down stairs and would also prevent them from entering rooms where they aren’t supposed to go.

3: Place motion detectors in your child’s room

You can never be too watchful when it comes to your neonate! Thus, try getting help from some motion detectors too. Set them up in your toddler’s room, and entrances/exits of your house. Moreover, you can’t even afford to allow any intruders to break into your home either. These motion detectors would help you with that too by keeping a tab on every activity that happens in your home. So now, you can keep an eye on them even when you are doing the dishes. Be in know of everything!

4: Use a Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor – For the sake of an extra set of eyes! You just cannot be around your tot with each passing moment of the day. In your place, the sleepless eyes and stern ears of a baby monitor, can keep a watch on your newborn while you have to get the door, do laundry, be in the kitchen or crop the garden.

5: Childproof all the cabinets

Some cabinets and drawers in your house may contain sharp things, heavy machinery, or hazardous substances and there are chances that your child might accidentally get hold of them. To prevent such mishaps and any possible injuries, secure such drawers and cabinets so that your tiny tot is not able to access them.

6: Install video surveillance

Just as with baby monitors, security cameras give you the freedom to keep a check on your infant from any corner of your home. When motion detectors and surveillance systems are combined together, you can expect instant alerts even if your newborn moves an inch.

For instance, you have to go to another room for a while, leaving him/her in the living room and as soon as you leave, your toddler starts to move out. In such a situation, you will receive an instant notification and you can immediately rush to catch him/her.


7: Install window locks & guards

The little ones today are smarter than you think! They might get a brain wave and try to open a door or a window. But this may result in a serious injury. It could literally lead to ‘out of the door, on the road’! Thus, it is advisable that the new parents put extra guards and locks to secure all the windows and door.

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That’s it for now folks! Take some time to figure out what all you need to do and implement as many safety measures as possible. After all, it is about the safety of your own kid!


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