Siding Repair and Replacement: DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

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Among the exterior components that make your home truly stand out is your siding. It brings to life otherwise bland exterior walls, improving a home’s curb appeal immensely. However, siding is also prone to damage as it are exposed to the elements. Damaged siding needs to be repaired as soon as possible, and there will come a time when you will need to replace it.

When your home’s siding needs repair or replacement, you’ll have to decide between hiring a pro to do the job or doing it yourself. Here, you’ll learn about the instances wherein you’ll need to have your home’s siding repaired or replaced and why it’s best to hire a pro instead of attempting to do the job yourself, even if you are a bit of a DIY whiz.

Signs Your Siding Needs Work

Here are the most telling signs that you may need to start searching for a contractor specializing in siding repair or replacement:

  • Frequent exterior painting – Siding usually doesn’t need to be repainted every so often. So, if yours has a tendency to fade fast, then take it as a sign that the material isn’t holding up anymore and needs to be replaced.
  • Rising electricity bills – If you find that you’re having to pay more for your electricity despite all efforts to lower your consumption, then there’s a good chance that your home’s siding is the culprit. When siding material degrades over time, it loses the ability to insulate the home properly, leading to higher electricity bills due to an overworked HVAC system.
  • Rotting, warping, bubbling and blistering – If you have rotted or warped siding panels, then you’ll definitely need to have them repaired. However, rotting and warping are also signs that siding may have reached or exceeded its service life, so you might want to consider having them replaced instead.
  • Mold, mildew and dry rot buildup – You never want to see mold in or out of your home because it not only hastens material damage, but it can also be a health hazard. To ensure you get rid of all that mold, replace your siding.
  • Peeling interior paint or wallpaper – If your interior paint or wallpaper shows signs of peeling, it could be an indication that the siding is no longer protecting the exterior walls as efficiently as it should be and that it’s letting in moisture. Consider having the siding inspected by a pro and replaced if necessary.
  • Holes and cracks – Siding materials don’t last forever. Over time, holes and cracks can develop due to exposure to the elements. Siding will need to be repaired or replaced in severe cases.
  • Loose and damaged siding panels – Siding panels can loosen or become damaged, and this is normal. However, leaving them in this condition can lead to further damage and costlier repairs. Have your siding checked and repaired as soon as loose or damaged panels become evident.

Should You Do Siding Projects Yourself?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, and you’re pretty good with your hands, then you might already be considering doing the work yourself. However, you’ll need to consider the following first:

  • Skill – Do you have the necessary skills to repair or replace siding?
  • Time – Do you have the time to do the job well? Are you in a rush?
  • Cost – Will doing it yourself save you money, or are you risking costlier repairs to remedy mistakes?
  • Risks – Are you prepared to manage risks associated with siding repair or replacement?

Even if you are good with your hands, and you do have a bit of talent, you are still not at the level of a professional, so doing the job yourself might not be a good idea.

When to Hire a Siding Pro?

So, do you really need to hire a pro? Here are a few signs that you do:

  • You need a good portion of your home’s siding to be repaired or replaced.
  • You’re not familiar with siding repair or replacement.
  • You do not have the right tools and equipment to do the job well.
  • You do not have the time to spare to do the job efficiently.
  • You do not want to risk losing time or resources doing the job yourself.
  • You do not want to risk your own safety.

Why Hire a Siding Pro

First, siding professionals are licensed and insured. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be protected. Siding professionals are also well experienced, so there’s very little chance that they’ll waste time or resources doing the job.

Siding professionals know the ins and outs of the industry, so they’ll be able to draw on their knowledge and experience to address any problem that may arise.

Last but not the least, siding professionals can give you an estimate of when they’ll be able to complete the job, which is usually a lot faster than what it would take to do the task on your own.

Given what you can get out of hiring a pro, you should stop considering repairing or replacing your home’s siding on your own. You want the best for your home, right? What better way to protect your investment than to enlist the aid of a professional and guarantee that your siding repair or replacement project is done right the first time.


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