Shade Cloth Fence Signage: What You Need to Know

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Any individual with a property would be concerned about the property’s safety, security, and overall aesthetics. Hence, many opt to build a fence around their property. A fence can add privacy and value to your property, and will even strengthen your security measures. Additionally, some people build a fence for their appreciation of design and homely aesthetics, deter trespassers, and to establish property boundaries.

For those with businesses, many use shade cloth fence signage as an affordable way to personalise their advertising and ensure excellent exposure for their brand, while enhancing security. Cloth fence signage establishes a barrier against animals and humans, hence controlling movement in and out of a property.

Shade Cloth Fence Signage – Definition

Shade cloth fence signage is a lightweight knitted mesh that is used for scaffolding and fencing.

It can be easily adjusted to a fence, hence protects the premises from dust while maintaining privacy. In addition to being a very cost-effective solution, fence signage also preserves confidentiality and tidiness.

Shade cloth is made from loosely woven polyester or aluminium. Usually, it comes with standard buttonholes to enable a simple attachment to the fence by using metal hog clips or cable ties.


Shade cloth fence signage is used for various purposes. Apart from providing privacy and protecting premises against dust, this fence material is widely used in the building and construction industry for hoarding and screening.

In the agricultural sector, shade cloth fence signage can protect plants against excess heat from the sun. It can be also used to improve the diffusion of light and provide better ventilation to the plants.

Types of shade cloth fence signage

There are various types of shade cloth fence signage materials available, including the following:

Plain Shade Cloth

Plain shade cloth comes without any print. Thus, it’s perfect for those who don’t want any branding or are on a strict budget.

Plain shade cloth is often available in different colours, such as red, blue, beige, white, green, black, and many more. It’s also available in various weights (affects transparency/opacity) and heights. The versatility ensures anybody can cover their fences with their desired choice without any hassle.

A straight shade cloth roll typically comes in 50m by 1.8m sizes, but some businesses sell shorter roll lengths or at a square metre rate. One thing to be mindful of is that it does not cut well because unfinished edges tend to fray and unravel the cloth.

Usually, it’s used to cover scaffolding for drop hazards, dust control as per council requirements, and privacy screening.

Printed Shade Cloth

The only difference between plain shade cloth and printed shade cloth is just the printing. Printed shade cloth is one of the cheapest and best budget-oriented solutions to brand a site.

People can print anything they want on the material and promote their businesses using it as a fence material.

Printed shade cloth usually maintains a reasonable standard. It has an expected life span of around a year or more.

The material comes in 50m by 1.8m rolls. It can be used as scaffolding, temporary fence, greenfield sites, and also in construction sites.

One can control dust, promote their brands and privacy by using a printed shade cloth.

Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh is printed on a finely woven polyester fabric rather than on a PVC fabric.

Fabric mesh produces a low-quality print that can be seen from behind, making it suitable for limited use as a fence wrap material.

It usually comes in 1.7m heights, but one can make it larger by sewing multiple fabric mesh together to cover a larger area. The material is more suited for indoor or short-term outdoor use as it is made from polyester fabric, which is not as durable when exposed to direct sunlight or strong winds.

Crowd Control Barrier Mesh

Usually, this is used to control the crowd and public gatherings such as sporting events, outdoor festivals, ticketing booths, etc.

Crowd Control Barrier Mesh (CCB) gives the freedom to customised fence-wrap for crowd control barriers, which are commonly used at events. Anybody can print whatever they want on a single side, and the great thing about it is you can usually put up mesh on both sides of the barriers, maximising your print space!

Generally, fabric mesh CCB’s durability is less than those of printed mesh CCB. The material is made to fit with standard crowd control barriers size, but anybody can customize it into their desired sizes.

Building Wrap Mesh

Building wrap mesh is used for covering an entire building or installing an extensive scaffolding.

Most people wrap buildings to enhance the construction area’s appearance and promote projects to the public. It also gives privacy to the crew at work from outside disturbance.

Usually, building wraps mesh is fully customisable in terms of size and print. So, anybody can get building wrap mesh in their desired sizes with their custom printing.

Building wraps have a lifespan of 2-3 years, but they can be more lasting if used in low UV locations.

shade cloth installation

Shade Cloth Fence Signage Installation

Getting an ideal shade cloth fence signage is one thing, but correctly installing it is another.

The banner needs an appropriate installation so that the message is displayed well. More so, an expert installation increases the lifespan of the banner.

Shade cloth fence signage is fixed to temporary fences using cable ties. The process is not complicated. Different from the temporary fences, the banners may be installed on chain wires, scaffolds, and chain wires.

Stretch the banner between the fence posts, mount the banner on a wire fence, or place it on a timber fence, then the message will be delivered effectively.

If anybody wants to stay happy, healthy, and maintain privacy in their property with a low budget, then shade cloth fence signage is the ultimate solution. So, get your hands on cheap fence signage, which is easy to install and comes with a wide range of variety. Besides that, anybody can promote their businesses with shade fence signage.

Shade cloth fence signage is durable and can be reused for multiple projects. It provides the ultimate solution for various fencing needs and requirements.