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How You Can Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is always one of the cheapest ways of refreshing your home’s appearance. Having the same look for years can be boring, not to mention the need for modernization due to the ever-emerging ideas. For instance, the use of wall tiles in the old kitchens was confined to areas like the top of the wall or along the corners. Nowadays, it has been expanded beyond these areas, making the room look even more beautiful due to new patterns and colors.

One thing is for sure, new renovation ideas will never stop coming. Therefore, you can still make a few changes to its current look and make your kitchen even more attractive. Many people try to avoid such a project because they feel that it can be costly. However, it’s all dependent on how you handle the project and the type of resources you use. This article aims to show you how you can renovate kitchen on a budget without compromising the quality of the final product.

1. Refresh Existing Cabinets

Using less money for your kitchen renovation doesn’t necessarily mean that the appearance won’t meet the modern standards. In fact, you could surpass some of the new looks just by making a few adjustments to your current setup. One of the best ways to do so is to reface the existing cabinets to attain the desired appearance.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can be done on any kind of cabinet door, whether it’s made out of oak, maple, or particleboard, and it’s not just limited to wood cabinets either. Nonetheless, it works best on wood cabinets because they’re easier to repair and it’s not complicated to replace some tiny parts. Inasmuch as this project needs a certain level of skillset, you could still do it by yourself and attain the desired results. Just look for a good beginners’ video and take it from there.

Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to reface the existing cabinets because they’re broken beyond repair. One solution to this is replacing the door with a brand new piece, like the ones for sale over at Lovech. In some cases however the whole cabinet will be unusable or redundant, so you’ll need to replace them with quality, yet affordable, new cabinets. It’s usually recommended that you go with ready-to-assemble sets. These are a lot cheaper than requesting for a custom design. You can only use the second option if it’s very necessary. Period styles, ornate details, and exotic woods will only add to the already expensive project. Therefore, unless you get an affordable contractor to design custom cabinets for you, stick to your budget’s demands.

2. Keep The Same Setup If Possible

One sure way of driving your total costs high is by completely changing the current kitchen layout. For instance, if you decide to make such a change, it means that you’ll have to hire a plumber to take care of the sinks, dishwasher, and refrigerator. You can be sure that this will cost you a fortune because of the tasks involved. In addition, the plumbing work will definitely require punching new holes on your wall. This, of course, calls for more materials to not only cater to the new holes, but also to fill the old ones.

If you want to keep your remodel budget down, it’s advisable that you maintain the same setup, but with a few necessary changes. For instance, you can use portable kitchen island trolleys or you could replace the flooring and use a different color for the walls, countertop, and cabinets. If you have a one-wall kitchen, it’s a lot easier for you to do more with limited space. There’s a wide range of options when it comes to kitchen remodeling, and it’s upon you to find the most affordable choice.

3. Find An Affordable Contractor

The idea of hiring an affordable renovation expert is one thing that many people ignore when it comes to cutting the project costs. The beauty of having a professional is that they’re always updated on all trends in the world of building and construction. As such, you can be sure that they’ll give their best, provided you explain exactly what you need. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overpay them when your budget doesn’t allow.

The market is full of wood and concrete contractors experienced in house remodeling. You can always find one who meets your demands and provides high-quality services at an affordable rate. Do your research and find a few candidates within your locality. It might take a lot of time to find the right person, but it will be worth the trouble. If possible, you could ask your friends and family to recommend one for you. This is always a great move because you’ll end up hiring somebody whose ability you already know.

4. Complete Some Tasks Yourself

Looking to cut the costs even further?  Well, doing a few tasks rather than waiting for the contractor to complete all of them will help in that regard. For instance, changing outlets doesn’t require expert skills. All you need is a manual showing the procedures of performing this task. Other things that need intermediate skills is tiling, internal painting, and flooring installation. As such, you’ll only spend money on buying the materials.

In addition, you can offer to help the contractor in some of their tasks. For instance, you can help by cutting the tiles, plastering, or anything that they’ll allow you to do. Of course, this is down to their own decision because not everyone will be willing to compromise on their salary. So, discuss these factors during your first meeting.


Kitchen remodeling has always been associated with high costs, which makes many people avoid refurbishing parts of their homes. However, such projects shouldn’t be too expensive, provided you know what you’re doing. For one, buying new cabinets and making dramatic changes in your kitchen are some of the factors that might drive your budget up. You can cut the costs by refacing existing cabinets and maintaining the current layout if possible.

Another way of ensuring that you don’t spend a fortune is by hiring a contractor with affordable fees. In addition, you could offer to complete some of the tasks if the contractor agrees so. At the end of the day, you might end up paying a fraction of the expected expenses.

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