Repairs and Removal of A Pool Table

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A pool table is a very expensive piece of furniture inside your home. It is easy to damage them and the repairs could cost you thousands of dollars. The gaming table is extremely popular and is used in households as well as across hotels and clubs. It is a one-time investment and needs to be looked after at all times. You need to love and care for the furniture and not treat it like any other furniture inside your home.

There is no joy like enjoying a good game of billiards with your mates at the end of a long week. However, if the pool table is not in good condition, it will impact the game and will ruin your mood. When you buy a billiard table, you also take the responsibility of maintaining the same in the finest condition possible. You need to take steps to keep the table safe and secure at all times.

How to maintain the pool table in perfect condition

There are different ways you can look after your pool table. You need to learn about the cleaning and maintenance of the same. For general protection, you need to keep it away from sunlight. It should not be positioned under the sun rays otherwise the cloth might fade. You need to provide the pool table with the best protection and this can be done by covering it with a designed cover. It will protect the wood and cloth from dirt and dust. Pick a cover that is of an ideal size for the table.

Your table will have a longer life if it is cleaned properly. It will also save you money on repairs and the replacement of the cloth. If there is any damage to the table, you will have to incur expenses to get it repaired, otherwise, your precious table will be of no use to you. In order to clean the cloth, you need to use a proper brush with a soft bristle to sweep the dust or chalk away from the table. This needs to be done at the end of every game. The most important thing is to use a gentle sweeping movement in one direction and not circular movements. Drive the dirt into the pockets as they are easy and quick to clean with a soft cloth.

You can also vacuum the cloth from time to time so as to give it a complete cleaning. Do not use an attachment with a brush unless it is for a very delicate surface of the table. Cleaning of the frame is as important as cleaning the cloth. And it is much easier as well. You can use a soft brush to clean the area that is under the rail. Use a wood cleaner to remove grime from the rail as it will help protect the surface while cleaning the area.

Cleaning the balls

The balls are one of the most elements of the game. If they are properly cleaned, they will keep the other parts in good condition. You can clean the balls with a soft cloth and a ball cleaner. Choose a high-quality billiard ball cleaner for best results. You will also have to maintain the condition of wood and leather of the pool table in order to enjoy a good game.

You can clean the wood with a furniture polish and do this from time to time. It will give a shiny look and protect the wood. Lastly, the leather parts of the table should be cleaned with oil-based products that are specially designed for this purpose. The oil will help keep the leather smooth and maintain its elastic. Even if you use it for years, the leather will not crack. Avoid any type of cleaners that are silicone based.

Relocation of the pool table

There is a special equipment which caters to the repair and removal needs of a pool table. To ensure that the pool table is repaired or removed without any damage, you need the services of professionals who have the experience as well as the expertise required in the process. You can take the help from, they are excellent when it comes to the removal of your treasured pool table.

In order to successfully remove a pool table, the specialists need to carry out an inspection of the condition of the table. This inspection will help them decide the manner in which they can move the piece of furniture. This inspection includes the assembly of the table and the current condition of every slate, rail, pocket, cabinet and cushion in the table. There will be pictures of any damaged areas so that there are no issues raised at a later stage.

During the process of inspection, the professional team will disassemble the table since it can never be moved into one piece. When you attempt to move the table in a single piece, there is a risk of causing damage to the rails, the joints or the slate. Hence, it is important to disassemble the table and move it securely into parts. In case of relocation of the table to a different address, the slate is wrapped into a blanket and placed in a wooden crate for security. Once the table reaches the new location, the professionals reassemble the same from the group up. It will be at the perfect level and the seams will be sealed with a beeswax. The surface will be of top quality and they will put in an extra touch to ensure that your precious pool table does not lose its beauty.

You should never attempt relocating the pool table without the help of professionals. If you damage even a small part of the table, you might have to incur huge expenses for the repairs of the same. Take the right decision and hire professionals who will look after your pool table with utmost care and love it deserves.

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  1. From my personal experience, we had to move the pool table for we have a party to cater to and we need the extra space. Unknowingly, we moved it without any professional help, damaging the pool table instead. The table got wrecked, we had a bigger space for the party but we weren’t able to use the pool table anymore.

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