Reasons to Install Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

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A kitchen is a place in your home where you spend a lot of time. This premise must be functional and well-organized so that your meal preparation is smooth and efficient. But don’t neglect the aesthetics, as you should arrange this room to be nicely decorated and cozy to stay in.

So when arranging or renovating, pay special attention to the kitchen interior and fixtures. An essential element you use daily is a sink, whose importance in an aesthetic sense is often underestimated. These fixtures come in various sizes, designs, materials, and installation types. Here we’ll explain the advantages of an undermount kitchen sink and why it might be a good choice for your home.

What Is Under-mount Kitchen Sink?

An under-mount or bottom-in sink is a washbasin that goes directly into the countertop, that is, beneath its surface. Opposite are the models you can find in most kitchens, mounted into a pre-cut hole on a countertop. They usually have a centered faucet and high rims.

Due to the unique mounting method, the edges of the under-mount sink aren’t visible because they’re under the countertop. Correct installation of this element is critical to prevent water spills. It’s necessary to fasten it on the countertop’s underside with clips or brackets. That’ll ensure a seamless and streamlined appearance and will look like it’s one with a flat kitchen top.

Under-mount sinks are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, granite, porcelain, or composite. They can be pre-made or custom-made. The latter is an excellent option for custom kitchens, as it can fit different measurements, designs, and preferences. These washbasins are both beautiful and functional, and there are many reasons you should consider them when remodeling or renovating your kitchen.

Maximum Countertop Usage

We all value countertop space because we use it every day. An under-mount sink allows you to make the most of this surface, which is often not the case with top-mount models. It might be only a few inch difference, but it can mean a world in the kitchen during meal prep.

Under-mount washbasins are completely flat with a countertop. This extra space means a lot if you have a small kitchen. You can put on them, for example, a kitchen board, a salad bowl, or a dish drainer. In the latter case, this element doesn’t have to stand directly on the countertop, which can prevent water damage to this surface. In fact, some under-mount sinks come with built-in draining boards, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Another great thing about under-mount sinks is the multiple faucet placement options. While top-mounted models generally come with pre-drilled holes, forcing you to install the spout that way, under-mount washbasins give more flexibility. With these sinks, you can put a faucet on the wall or in the sink center, which is quite helpful if you have two basins.

Easier Maintenance

Frequent use and the very purpose of the kitchen means you should clean it daily and maintain a high hygienic level. All elements require regular maintenance, but the sink and the space around it deserve special attention. You start and finish meal prep on this surface, so you’ll probably appreciate the ease of cleaning.

Under-mount sinks are a breeze to clean compared to, for example, top-mounted models. Since there are no visible rims and seams on the countertop, there’s no place where food crumbs, grease, and dirt can get stuck. When this happens with top-mounted sinks, bacteria and fungus can grow under the rims and seams. That’s not the case with under-mounted basins because everything you wipe off the countertop goes directly into it. More kitchen cleaning hacks are on this link.

Sleek Design

A modern, minimalist design is what under-mount sinks feature. They’re elegant and discreet because they appear to be the ones with the countertop. That improves the functionality but also the aesthetics of your kitchen. Clean, almost invisible lines allow for a sleek design that gives a touch of luxury to your home.

Under-mount washbasins generally cost more than standard top-mount models, and the improved aesthetics and functionality are the main reasons for this. Of course, the installation is more demanding, especially if you have to adapt the existing plumbing lines to the new kitchen element. But, this investment is very worthwhile since this sink model levels up the appearance of your kitchen, thus affecting the overall value of your home.

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Durable Kitchen Fixture

Don’t think that under-mount sinks are just another snobby trend that offers nothing but good looks to your kitchen. We’ve already explained how functional and easy to maintain they are, which justifies their relatively high price.

Yet, what makes this investment worth every dollar is the quality of the material they are made of. These are all robust materials that can last for a long time, of course, with proper maintenance. Even less pricy stainless steel models are durable, resistant to bacteria and impacts, and almost indestructible. And they don’t look cheap despite their classic metal shine. Various colors and finishes are available, which make even stainless steel washbasins look luxurious.

If you’re eager to pay more for this kitchen element, you can choose between porcelain, granite, and pure quartz or quartzite. All these materials are heavier and more robust than stainless steel, so if you opt for any of these, keep in mind extra reinforcement under the sink.

All under-mount sinks are high-quality and look great, but it’s good to know their functional limits. For instance, granite has a unique and attractive design, but it’s prone to staining due to poor maintenance. Quartz is extremely durable, but it lacks heat resistance. Even so, with proper care, these models can last a long time.

Final Words

Under-mount kitchen sinks are a prevalent decorating trend, but not just because of aesthetics. These washbasins offer several advantages that justify their price. Their sleek design, lack of exposed edges, ease of maintenance, and durability make them a good investment for homeowners.

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