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Questions to Ask Your Property Stylist When Preparing Your Home for Sale

While a property is an excellent investment, you may face a few challenges when selling it. To get more bids on your property, you need to ensure that you present it the right way.

If you are not an interior décor prodigy, there’s no need to fret; property stylists are here to solve your problems. When your property is not getting the offers you want, hiring a property stylist becomes crucial. 

A property stylist can capture the vision that you want for your property and help you highlight its strong points while masking the less than desirable ones. 

What You Should Ask Your Property Stylist

Selling your property takes effort; it is not enough to hire a stylist. You need to make sure that they are the right fit for the task. Hence, you should keep in mind a few questions to ask your property stylist, not only to ascertain their credibility but to learn more about the importance of property styling. Did you know that various businesses, such as Huntley and Co, specifically cater to property stylists’ needs?

Their Qualifications and Experience

Although it may seem like a loaded question, ensure that you ask your property stylist about their experience and qualifications. People often think that having good taste is all that there is to property styling, but that is not true. While a stylist should transform your property to make it look classy, chic, or modern, they should also understand what buyers look for when looking at properties.

A property stylist assesses the property as a whole and brings out the best in it. Thus, your stylist must have the necessary qualification and field experience in styling homes when you want to ensure that your home sells.

The Real Cost of Their Service

Generally, a property stylist will allow you to rent furniture for 4 to 6 weeks, beyond which the charges will keep adding up. Hence, you need to clarify what the charges for the furniture will be, especially if you plan on a campaign that is longer than six weeks. Typically, the rent will depend on the furniture’s quality, but when you hire from places such as Huntley and Co, you can get higher quality furniture at lower prices.

Catering to Different Styles

Although you will want your home to appear as trendy as possible, sometimes, you may have a different vision in mind when selling your home. Hence, when you hire your property stylists, it is important to understand whether they are willing to cater to different styles.

Additionally, their willingness to cater to different styles also highlights their experience in the field and shows that they have dealt with many past properties. Hence, when hiring a property stylist, it is crucial to determine how versatile they can be.

Hiring the right property stylist is crucial when you want to get the best offers on your property. Knowing what to look for helps make the task easier and also enables you to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of property styling.

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