6 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

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Picking the right roofing contractor is a hassle. However, there comes a time you will be dealing with a damaged or leaking roof. During that time, you have to ensure you hire the right roof contractor. But finding the right contractor to do the job but affordable is a stressful ordeal. That’s because you will have an extensive list of contractors to sort out. Sometimes, you might not be sure of the qualities of a suitable contractor.

The cost of replacing your roof is expensive. It’s among the costliest home remodeling projects you can undertake in your house. Therefore, by all means, you must hire the right contractor.

There are 6 questions in this article to ask roofing contractors and help you pick a reputable and qualified one.

Let’s get started:

1. Are you licensed?

This can’t go without asking: you must choose a licensed and insured contractor. Ask the contractor company to produce their verification documents that can prove that the workers are insured. When installing your roof, the last thing you should worry about is workers’ liability related to any injuries that might occur on your project.

You have to be careful; there are roofing contractors who will provide services at a low cost. Most of these companies don’t have the right licensing or insurance. If anything happens in your property, the amount you tried to save will shift to liability. The best contractor should have all the insurance and licensing needed in place before starting the project.

Assuming you live in an area where you need to have a roof installation permit, the contractor you hire should take that step. That well said, the roofing firm knows the entity to contacts. Also, as long as the company operates locally, it is aware of permits; it should pull and ensure it complies with both the local and state laws.

2. What factors determine your cost?

If you are a homeowner planning to replace your roof, the cost of replacement is essential. The priority of your project is getting a high-quality job that gives you high value. Similar to anything else, the lowest price doesn’t provide you with the best value. Assuming you choose a lower bidder and get poor installation services? Sometimes, such a contractor might prefer using inferior quality materials. It happens, but not all the time that the lower bidder provides you with low-quality services.

Some contractors charge expensive but provide low standard services. Therefore, when getting an estimated cost for your project, always consider three different estimates. Sometimes, you should get more because they make you feel confident that you can get one at a reasonable price. Here, you have to keep away from the excessively high and excessively low bids. Get the best roofing contractors in Orlando, providing the best price.

3. Where can I find your reviews?

When you ask a reputable company about their reviews or recommendation, it shouldn’t be a problem for them. Such a company will feel happy to guide you to their previous completed projects and get real reviews. Also, they should connect you to some previous customers who can give you their views.

Experienced and knowledgeable companies work hard to ensure they build trust and reputation from the customers. So, by doing their best, the homeowners can give them positive reviews.

The challenge is that roofing is something you will buy once or twice in your lifetime to install your home. Therefore, it becomes hard to know where to start and get trustworthy, honest, and positive advice. You can opt to ask your friends, neighbors, and even relatives for reliable contractors. Asking for a recommendation from people you know might turn to be a great way to find the right contractor. That works best, especially if any one of them had their roof installed or replaced recently.

On the other hand, the internet is an excellent source of knowing the reputability of the company. You can get some reviews from people who have received the specific contractor’s services you want to hire in your area. Recently, many people search online before they buy a product or service from any company.

4. How long have you operated?

Every company has to start somewhere before climbing the ladder. However, don’t allow your roofing investment to go to waste. Therefore, the contractor should let you know the period they have operated. They should also answer their professionals’ time spent handling the installation task in the roofing industry.

Unfortunately, some contractors will start the business, perform their jobs, and after a few years, they cease operating. Many things might result in stopping their operation: lack of contracts to sustain the business or lawsuits. If you hire such a contractor who has not been in business for long, you might come to realize later your installation was defective. You might not have somewhere to take your complaint; the doors might be already closed.

5. Who will do the work?

After hiring a roofing company, no other contractor should show up to complete the project. Ask the company who will complete the project. Make sure the company doesn’t subcontract your project to another company.

If you hire a company for your project, they should appoint a project coordinator to work with you from the start to the end. The coordinator will answer all your queries and guidance on the period your project is running. If you want to the best service always go for the experts from Northern VA.

6. What does your warranty cover?

The contractor needs to produce a working warranty. The warranty should be used in protecting your roofing investment. Therefore, you will need one warranty for roofing materials and the other for the contractor’s workmanship. Before hiring the contractor, you must ask about their workmanship warranty. The warranty might cover either one or more years. Some warranties go up to 25 years or a lifetime.

If the contractor relies on caulk, you might get a two-year workmanship warranty. That’s because they know caulk will fail after some years. For a caring contractor company, they should provide you with a longer warranty or even a lifetime.

If new to hiring a contractor, be careful. These warranties are only on paper. You have to check the viability of the warranty before you hire the company.

The Bottom Line

Installing a new roof in your house is a significant investment. If done correctly, the roof will increase the value of your house. Also, living in a house with proper roofing gives you peace of mind. However, when your roofing is done wrong, there will be more frustration: damage to the interior and drain your bank account. Therefore, replacing a roof requires the best roof contractor to do the job. Avoid the mistakes many people commit; pick the right roofing contractor today!

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