Do I Need Roofing Permit In Texas for My Renovation?

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Owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities. You have to settle your mortgage loans, pay for home owner’s insurance, and even perform the necessary maintenance practices. At some point, you may have to replace the entire roof to boost its efficiency.

Replacing the roof is not as easy as many homeowners think. If you live in Texas, you will first have to obtain a roofing permit to replace your roof, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. However, you won’t need a permit for general roof repairs.

roofing permit in texas

This guide explores everything you need to know about roofing permits for renovations in Texas. You’ll also learn how to get a permit for your next roofing project.

Why Do You Need a Permit for Roof Renovations in Texas?

The only way to get your roofing project inspected is through a permit. When you have the permit, it will be easier for an inspector to assess your roof and ensure that it meets the minimum state requirements. They can check if a contractor did the work correctly.

Any person wishing to replace their roofs must adhere to the city and county building codes of Texas. One of the best ways to achieve that is by getting a permit from the authorities. Failure to adhere to the regulations may attract fines and cause delays.

Besides replacing your roof, other roofing projects that require you to obtain a permit include new roof installations and other major roof repairs. However, you won’t need a new permit for minor roof repairs, such as replacing a few shingles on the roof.

Note that the projects that require a permit may vary by county or city. For instance, in the City of Lubbock, you must obtain a roofing permit to tear off and replace shingles. However, you don’t need a permit to tear off and replace shingles in Carrollton, Texas.

It’s advisable to hire a reputable roofing contractor like Roof Master to assess your roof and determine the extent of work it requires. Professional contractors have a solid track record and work experience. They can offer any assistance you might need.

If you own a house in Texas, don’t attempt to re-roof yourself unless you have all the necessary tools and roofing experience. You may save a few hundreds of dollars, but it’s not a perfect idea if you have limited skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know any local roofing contractor in your area, you can visit your local building department’s website for a list of roofing contractors in the location. Most building departments in Texas usually post the lists on their sites to help homeowners.

How to Get a Roofing Permit

When you want to perform a significant roofing project, such as roof replacements and new installations, you must acquire a permit from the relevant authorities. Most counties in Texas have their permit application forms on their websites for easy access.

The permit requirements may vary from county to county or city to city. For instance, to replace a roof in Houston, you have to obtain a residential building permit by applying to the Houston Permitting Center. You have to fulfill all the requirements to get a permit.

To obtain a permit for residential re-roofing, you’ll need a building permit application and a residential re-roof worksheet to apply. For roof repairs, you’ll need a building permit application and a residential repair spec list to apply for a roofing permit.

Note that some roofing projects may require you to provide additional information. So, it’s essential to check with the state’s Permitting Center to ensure that you’ve compiled all the documents needed. You can check the center’s official website for requirements.

When applying for the permit, you’ll be required to pay an application fee to process the application. In Houston, Texas, you’ll pay an admin fee of $29.72. The fees vary from county to county. Once the application gets approved, inspection will begin immediately.

General Procedure for Using the Roofing Permits in Texas

Now that you know that permits are essential for significant roofing projects, we’ll now look at the general procedures for using the permits. Most permits usually indicate the requirements that a homeowner must fulfill during a roof replacement project.

Here are a few examples of requirements you might find in your re-roofing permit.

  • The permit must be posted at a place where it’s visible from the streets.
  • All asphalt shingles roofing projects must use drip edges.
  • Rusted, deteriorated, and damaged roof vents and flashings shall be replaced.
  • Proper termination is required for all exhaust vents penetrating through the roof.
  • Exhaust vents will have dampers and screens (except for cloth dryer vents)
  • If existing solar panels get removed from the roof and re-installed, you must also obtain an electrical permit.
  • Fuel-fired appliances will have listed/approved termination caps as required by the manufacturer.
  • Existing roof coverings must first be removed to install new roof coverings where:
  1. The existing roof covering is deteriorated or water-soaked to the point that it cannot adequately support the additional roofing.
  2. The existing roof covering is slate, clay, wood shake, cement, or asbestos-cement tile.
  3. The existing roof covering multiple applications of any roof covering

Roof Inspection Requirements

After you’ve completed the re-roofing or repair project, you have to schedule an inspection. The process should immediately begin after you complete the project.

Here are the requirements you must fulfill to help you prepare for the inspection.

  • All debris and trash must be cleaned and hauled away
  • Plumbing and gas vents should be re-attached and flashed properly
  • Shingles, shingle moldings, and flashings installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations


When you want to re-roof your house or perform significant roof repairs in Texas, you must obtain a roofing permit. Once you acquire the permit, find a trustworthy roofing company that understands the provisions in the permit. A professional roofer will even help you handle the permit process, making re-roofing easier and more convenient.

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