Prehung Interior Doors Vs Slab Doors: What is the Difference?

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

There are several types of doors that you can choose to install in your home. These include slab and prehung doors. The choice that you ultimately make will be dependent on a number of factors.

Here is a quick guide that you can make use of to determine which of these two types of doors is right for your home.

stylish white interior with slab door

What is a Slab Door?

A slab door is the most basic kind of door for a commercial or residential property. It can be used on an exterior or interior basis. It offers the bare minimum in modern door designs and may be more cost-effective for some buyers. It does not come with a frame and must therefore be attached to an existing one.

A slab door will typically come with a hole that has already been cut to allow you to insert the doorknob of your choice. This is pretty much where your list of included amenities will come to a halt. It will not include the actual doorknob, nor a metal strike plate, surface coating, shims, or hedges.

As noted above, the main point of appeal is that a slab door will usually be more cost-effective to purchase for a homeowner on a limited budget. It may also be ideal for the needs of a serious “Do It Yourself” enthusiast. There is certainly much more room to customize a slab door than with a prehung model.

What is a Pre-Hung Door?

Prehung interior doors are used for a variety of purposes in the average residential or commercial property. Despite its name, it can just as easily be used in an exterior situation as it can in an interior setting. You should note, however, that the list of features that comes with this model will make it more costly.

Unlike a slab door, a prehung door will normally come attached by hinges to a door frame that has three sides. The unit is designed to be completely self-contained so as to fit into a doorway that has been previously prepared for its arrival. You don’t have to customize it as much as you would a slab door.

Prehung interior doors are usually sold after being bundled into a specially designed frame that comes included with the package. These frames will normally feature polyester tension packing straps as well as plastic spacers. These are features that work to discourage shifting or twisting as they are shipped out.

A slab door will usually come complete with such included features as a pre-cut hole for the doorknob, door slab, hinges, frame, mortises already cut in the door, and a special frame-cut for the metal strike plate. As can be seen, you get a lot more with this type of door, although you will also pay more for it.

Which Choice is Best for Your Needs?

The choice of which type of door is best for your needs will come down to a number of factors. To begin with, how well do you rate your home renovation and project installation skills? If you are handy with a saw, screwdriver, and other tools, you may prefer the many customizing options that come with slab doors.

If you are on a budget and need more than a single door for your home or commercial location, slab doors are the best option because they are more cost-effective. If you can afford to pay a bit more and only need one or two doors, you may as well go ahead and treat yourself to a few prehung interior doors.

Keep in mind that prehung doors are much heavier and may require some help to install. This may cost you extra money in the form of hired assistance. Slab doors are lighter and easier to install.

Time to Make Your Choice of Doors

Now that you know the basic differences and price points of slab doors and prehung doors, the time has come to make your choice. If you prefer to pay less and do a bit more work, you may as well go for a slab door. If you don’t mind paying a bit more and really hate extra work, prehung doors are the best option.