People’s Choice: IKEA’s Top 7 best products

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Everything changes every time the world revolves. A new invention, new discoveries and even new furniture to help us throughout our daily lives.

Every step we take, every move we make there are a choice and consequences that we have to face.  Even in choosing the furniture that they will use in their household.  Basically, you have to pick the BEST because nobody wants a low-end type of product. And that’s where IKEA comes in. What’s even great is that you can have your IKEA product delivered. So, if you are looking for furniture we offer you these IKEA Best products:

  1. Billy Bookcase

No fills, practical and even functional. A $70 good bookcase that sells every 10 seconds thus said by New York Times.  You can put it on the wall and add some furnish or just leave this furniture in its original place.

  1. Poäng chair

Take a look at their best seller chair for 2018, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Poäng chair never gets out of trends due to its simplicity yet a stylish style that is often picked by buyers because of its looks and also because of its coziness. This chair may cost around $79-$249 but it’s worth the price.

  1. Frosta Stool

If you’re looking for a simple Scandinavian design well, this furniture is good for you.  Made by plywood bent on its finest and created a simple yet elegant design.

  1. Malm Bed

A $179 bed inspired by wood veneer. A classic and smooth bed frame which reach its main objectives holding the mattress of the bed. The study shows that 1 out of 10 European people choose IKEA Bed because of its popularity there’s a fat chance why many people select this furniture.

  1. Rens sheepskin rug

This is one of Ikea’s buyers’ favorite product. You can use it as a decoration for your furniture to make it look like a little bit luxurious or make it as your carpet in the living area. For a $30 you can achieve a sheep rug which is trending until now.

  1. Klippan loveseat

Purchasing this product can help you make your living space looks luxurious without spending too much.  A simple yet elegant sofa which is low cost in price but one of the high-end product of IKEA.

  1. Docksta table

For a $179 you can get rid of troubling about small spaces in your home. Docksta table offers you a moderate style which doesn’t take up a lot of space. One of the reasons why Ikea Buyers always choose this product.

There you have it! 7 best cheap product yet have a high-end value that guarantees your home a luxurious look without even spending too much. There is more product IKEA can offer you.  A kind of choice that won’t break your heart! If you’re in Australia and need your IKEA product delivered, give the guys from Big Swedish Store Run a call.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook