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How to Give Your Old Concrete Floor a Fresh-Look

Concrete is a durable flooring material that has been utilized for years; however, temperature changes, heavy loads, and chemicals can cause fading over time.

Staining is the most convenient and affordable method to give your dull surface a brand-new look. The process requires about two days to be completed depending on the surface to be stained.

In this article, we interviewed “The Concrete Guy” to tell us more about ways to give your concrete floor a fresh look with epoxy, polish or staining.

Can I do a Concrete stain myself?

It would be best if you choose between water-based or acid-based stains. Even though staining can be a do-it-yourself project, any mistakes during the process will be permanent to your floor surface. Hire a professional concrete floor staining or epoxy company services to help you restore the once lost glory of your floor at an affordable price. Staining will increase your floor’s aesthetic value and durability, saving you the cost of maintenance.

Materials you will require:

Step 1: Cleaning and repairing damaged concrete

Before applying the stain, the concrete should be free from paint, wax, dirt, and contaminants that may affect the chemical reaction. Inspect the concrete for cracks, pits, and gauges. Use the concrete patching compound to repair cracks, then use an electric buffer to level before staining. Vacuum the floor efficiently to remove debris, dust, and small broken materials.

Step 2: Etching the floor

Concrete stains adhere better on chemically etched floors. Buy a bottle of chemical etch, mix with warm water, and scrub the floor evenly. Not all staining materials require the floor to be etched, read, and understand the product’s instruction.

Step 3: Test the old concrete

Before staining the concrete, it is advisable to choose a sample area of a few square inches, stain it, and observe the results. Sample staining helps to; determine whether the etching material will react with the floor, the color that will be produced, and ensure the floor is well cleaned. Take a small, cleaned area, pour the stain, and observe the changes. If the stain does not produce satisfactory results, try finding another type of stain or acid etching the floor again.

Step 4: Applying the stain

Tape off the walls or concrete regions that should not have contact with the stain. Ensure the room you’re working in is well ventilated for your safety. Mix the staining agent according to its manufacturer’s instruction. Make sure you have protective gear.

Using a pump sprayer, start applying the stain from the back of the room toward the door to avoid being trapped and forced to walk on the stain. Older concrete tends to take a long time to accept the stain, so it is advisable to purchase extra stain. Spray the stain evenly with overlapping strokes and ensure the strokes are evenly distributed to avoid seamless lines.

To have a uniform finish use a broom to spread excess stain evenly. Start from left to right, then top to bottom to remove darker areas. Allow the stain to dry for 3-4 hrs, then wet a small area to test the color if it’s satisfactory.

Step 5: Sealing the concrete

While it’s not a must to seal your stained concrete, it is recommended because the seal will maintain the concrete’s appearance. Using an all-purpose cleaner; Clean the floor first before sealing to prevent dust from being trapped. Use a water-based seal; mix, then apply on the floor. Use a nap roller, apply one coat from north to south, let it dry up, then east to west for quality results. Don’t forget to remove the concrete or floor tapes after the sealant has dried.

Let not fear to stop you from staining your concrete following the steps given. Do test spots before setting out. You can also consult experts for quality services.

Hire A Professional For Concrete Repair

Like we said, there are a lot of steps involved in concrete repair. If you want to skip all of them, that’s absolutely fine. Just hire a professional and don’t always go for the cheapest price, you might have to pay for it twice if it’s not installed correctly.

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