Creating New Storage Space This Winter: A Short Guide

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Whether you’re living in a small home with limited space or you’re just looking to create a new and innovative storage system for your extra belongings, a project based on your space-saving ambitions is the perfect way to give yourself a productive task. With hundreds of DIY websites online offering varied tips on how to go about creating space-saving furniture and cabinets, this article aims to simplify the advice, giving you easy tips to follow as you create new storage space in your home.


As always, your plan begins with the materials that you’d like to use for your home storage builds. Ordinarily, you’ll not be shopping for the cheapest options when it comes to wood, plastics, or metals – you’ll be trying to find the color of material that best suits your home interior.

Once you’ve settled on a shade of material and the aesthetic dimension of your storage build, it’s time to search for the ideal material online. Search through the extensive Cabinet Timbers in Melbourne collection in order to unearth the beautiful woods from which you’ll make your new storage space this winter.

Measuring and Plotting

This is the most technical and thoughtful part of your storage creation process, and can often take quite a bit of time to make sense of with a pen and paper. This is the moment that many DIY builders will default to an existing design, shared in a blueprint online, to give them inspiration about what they’re planning on building.

Unless you’re a confident builder or someone with experience in woodwork design, it’s best that you go with the pre-designed option and follow dimensions provided by the person who provides the design. That way, you can focus instead on getting the building of your storage space just right.


You’re going to need a number of tools if you’re to create a sublime and attractive new storage space in your home. These involve some tools that are not common to own in a small home – and as such, you should ask for tools from friends and family.

It’ll help, of course, to know which tools you’re going to need in the first place. Some of the electric tools you’ll need will include a drill and an electric sander. Meanwhile, you’ll need the all-important angle-poise and spirit level to make sure you’re getting your fit just right.

Finishing Touches

There are always two stages to finishing off any wooden storage structure, and that’s sanding and the varnishing. The sanding of your finished build will remove any splinters from the wood, which varnishing will give the wood a level of water-resistance and hardiness against the domestic scrapes it’s likely to encounter.

Don’t rush this final stage: it’s important to make your storage unit feel like-new, and well finished, in order to be truly proud of the job you’ve done.

And there you have it: you’ll have built your very own storage space with a simple plan of action over the coming winter months.