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How to make your roof last longer?

Getting a new roof is very expensive and once you have got it. Then, you have to be very careful about the roof. If you will protect your roof from damages, then, it will last longer. You won’t have to replace it.

Here are following tips by which you can take of your roof.

Clean the Gutters:

A clogged gutter can cause a lot of trouble like ruined paint and wet basement also if your gutter gets filled with leaves that will be a problem because water won’t get any way to flow. If you get your gutter cleaned, then, you can save a lot of money which would be caused by gutters.

Remove Leaves:

If your roof is simply pointed roof surrounded by low landscaping, your roof probably stays clear of leaves on its own and if the roof is more complicated or if tall trees are surrounded, heaps of leaves will be collected in roof chimneys. If you don’t remove them, they will catch moisture and will decompose, allowing moisture to enter in your roof

If you have a low-slope roof and a one-story house, you may be able to pull the leaves down with a soft car-washing brush and you can use roof rake also.

Get Rid of Moss:

In much of the country, composition roofs often become covered with black algae. It also causes damage to the roof. For this, you can mix water and bleach in a spray bottle and spray on the areas where moss has grown, then, use a brush. If there’s a lot of increase, you have to kill the moss. You can use products which are made of potassium salts and fatty acid and won’t be harsh to the roof.

Even so, apply the soap only where moss is growing, and try to keep the wash water from getting into storm drains. Once the roof is clean and free of moss, consider investing in zinc strips to keep it from coming back. It’s effective and more environmentally friendly.

Trim hanging Branches:

One thing which you can do for keeping your roof last longer is to trim all the hanging branches as these branches do not allow sunlight to reach your roof and that causes moisture to enter in your roof. Scratch from limbs and leaves that touch your roof can eventually damage shingles, especially in high winds.

Overhanging branches also give squirrels and other rodents access to your roof. They can gnaw on your roof and siding. Trimming branches that hang over the roof is a job for an expert though, or you might cause more damage.

Look and Listen:

After every big wind or hail storm, check your roof if there are minor damages which can be recovered by you. Have a look whether there are any curling, loose, or missing shingles Damaged flashing around vents, chimneys, skylights, and other openings.

If anything seems wrong, ask a roofer to inspect the roof and inform you about the damage. Many problems are easy to fix and they can be solved by the time but if you put them off and water gets in, it can cause damage and that would be expensive for solving that problem.

Prevent ice dams:

Ice dams can create a serious problem. So, try to remove some or all of the snow between storms might forestall leaks into your house. Use a roof rake to remove snow within three or four feet of the gutters. If you don’t do anything for ice dams then, it causes serious injury to anyone as they are very pointed.

Once, you have spent money on your roof, then, you should take good care of your roof. Try all these things mentioned above and after that, you can live a comfortable life. Contacting the roofing contractors Brownstown Michigan for keeping your roof last longer is the best option to try it.

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