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How to Make a DIY Beautiful Fountain with Terracotta Pots

Imagine sipping your cup of tea viewing a beautiful fountain at your backyard. Sounds cool , isn’t it? You may have also heard about Fengshui effect in which water flow vibrates positivity at your home. I am going to be a part of your tea time in the days to come. Yeah! Your next few minutes would catalyst your creativity to think of a terracotta pot fountain in your garden.

Get started right here!

Peep through your window and make sure you have 3 scalloped pots in three different sizes and 2 support pots. Rush to your stationary cupboard; look for scissors, silicone spray foam sealant. Also collect Flexible Plastic Tube, Flow Control Valve, 375 gallon/hour pump. Do you see spare Ceramic Tiles lining on walls or resting down with dust? Yes, you need them!.


But how?

Creating a drain hole is where you start!

Draw a circle at the center of all the pots and drill it to make sure you create an even round opening in the pots. This would enable you to connect all these pots linearly.

I know you would be clueless about getting water pumped?

Chill! It’s not very taxing; reveal your plumbing skills here. Place the biggest scalloped pot on the surface of the garden and attach 375 gallon / hour pump in the drain hole to pump the water. This is the base for your fountain to pump water.

Pattern the water flow

To control the flow of water in the fountain you need to connect flow control valve and flexible plastic tube to the pump, so that the water gets pumped in a definite pattern.

Almost ready with fountain!

Place one of these support pots inverted inside the big scalloped pot. Insert the plastic tube to create connectivity so that the flow of water through this tube is ensured.

Let’s spruce up!

Seal the drain hole around the plastic tube with Silicone spray foam sealant to have a decent look and the tube gets fixed to the pots. Enhance your fountain by adding few ceramic tile pieces which creates a glossy effect when the water flows.

Repeat the same set up with rest of the pots to get it look like a fountain.

It’s on!

Switch on the pump to have a sight of beautiful fountain flowing through the pots. Now the Fountain is ready for a tea party with music.

This is one of the simplest DIY fountains, which could add as an attractive piece to your garden.

I know you would love this fountain but you will have to pamper your fountain by changing the water to pep up the look. You can also shed light on your fountain using focus light and serial bulbs to sprinkle panache in your Garden.

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