Liven up Your Interior Doors

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

For some of us, breathing new life into our home is the number one priority, and there is certainly no better way to bring your home to life than by opening it up.

Often homes can feel closed in due to isolated rooms with doors that are as old as the building itself. No matter how good the decoration, a lifeless door can be the one wrinkle that persists following a facelift.

Introducing new interior and exterior doors into your home can do wonders for completing that new look, and it doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg to acquire that priceless feel.

For years in Britain, interior doors were installed to serve just one purpose, to close rooms off. Usually, standard panelled doors were finished in white or whatever shade of wood was used in the manufacturing process. Little did we realise the potential we had right under our noses.

Thankfully, this has changed. The last few years has seen a growing trend of homeowners doing away with the basic panelled door and investing in something a little more ‘ooh la la’.

No longer are doors just a throwaway necessity in the designing process, now we have the option to delight our homes with beautiful pine and oak interior doors.

Oak Doors

Oak is a firm favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike. It is a strong and durable material while providing a sleek finish that blends in with any room.

Contemporary oak doors are both price-sensitive and modern, the perfect balance when looking for a door to provide privacy when in the bath or catching some shuteye in the bedroom and exquisite style.

Constructed from natural timber, the natural shine of contemporary oak doors will not only woo you and your house guests but will bring with it a manner of elegance to your home.

If modernising your home isn’t necessarily your preferred route, but still want to bring a new lease of life into your living space, then why not look at nostalgia oak. These doors are perfect for those who give a nod to the past when you could tell the labour that had been put in to build just one wonderfully crafted door.

Pine Doors

If you ever plan to paint your interior doors, possibly to match the colour scheme of a room, then you may want to consider opting for a pine door.

Compared to oak, pine is not considered to be as strong a material; however, its smooth surface is perfect for anyone who wishes to finish their door off with a lick of paint. An oak door can risk looking tired and worn out if paint is applied, while the rougher material is not as forgiving.

If you are considering new interior doors for an area of the home that will see greater substantial use, the recommendation is to opt for an oak door. If your requirement is a little more on the decorative side, and know that the door will not be used as often as a bathroom door, then pine may just be your best friend as, generally, it is cheaper to buy than oak.

Opening your Home up

Interior doors help to open your home up and feel much more spacious than they may be. Keeping an open plan for your home will help keep your home more of a place to come to relax and unwind, bliss if you have had a particularly difficult day.

Often, all it takes is a simple piece of redecorating to completely change the entire feel of your home. Whether it is changing the colour scheme of your kitchen, moving around the furniture in your living room, or upgrading your old and tired interior doors to something with more life and soul, a little tinkering can do wonders for your home.