6 Landscaping Ideas to Create a Charming Outdoor Zone

Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by Kravelv

Sprucing up your backyard can involve more than just adding a few potted plants here and there. If you’re eager to create a true verdant oasis attached to your home, then you need to think outside the proverbial flower bed. Choosing the right furniture, adding some delightful lights, and rethinking the layout of your deck can all help you design a charming outdoor zone you’ll hardly ever want to leave.

The key here is to avoid common landscaping mistakes and focus on parts of our garden that will help you maximize the curb appeal of your home as well as your own comfort. It’s helpful to learn about some of the latest emerging trends in landscaping, to see which ideas will make the cut, and which ones you should put on the back burner.

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No matter if you own a small, cozy garden, or a spacious, greenery-filled one, these are the key tips you can rely on for making the most of your investment and breathing new life to your outdoor zone.

Spruce up your backyard first

We’re well into these romantic, yet cooler fall months, so you first need to do some maintenance before you move forward with your garden revamp. Why? Because clearing out unwanted plants, spotting dry grass patches, or any vermin will help you decide exactly what you want to do with your outdoor space. Don’t forget to clean up any high-rise greenery too, so finding the right ladder for trimming the tree branches or cleaning up the outside of your house is a great idea.

Make sure to clean your rain gutters to prevent any unwanted roof damage or heavy clogging issues. That means making more room in your budget for your lovely garden. If you already have some furniture in your garden, make sure you clean it properly before putting it away during winter. If you don’t have it, there’s an excellent idea for your makeover.

Get a surveyor for the assessment

With larger yards, especially the ones without a clear border and a fence with your neighbors, you should look into how much surface area you’re working with, and quite literally, get the lay of the land. Look for a trusted land surveyor company that can conduct a thorough assessment, which will also be helpful in creating the right plan for your renovations.

A surveyor can advise you on the best way to maximize space, organize your greenery, and choose the most optimal layout for all the changes you wish to make. Add to that, you’ll prevent any issues with your neighbors and boost the value of your home should you ever decide to sell.

Refresh your grass patches

The best way to begin your backyard makeover is, of course, its very foundation: the grass. As you were doing your yard work and maintenance, you must have noticed where your grass is worn out and unlikely to regrow due to too much damage. Perhaps you haven’t initially chosen the right grass type for your soil.

To set the stage for any further outdoor upgrades, add fresh lawn sods to your backyard and be sure to choose the right grass variety for your climate and soil type. With that taken care of, you’ll be able to set the basis for other types of plants that can liven up your garden.

Design a lovely living area

Sure, you might not be too enthusiastic about spending cold winter days sitting and reading outside, but an outdoor living space can provide the perfect little slice of heaven for the warmer months of the year. Depending on where you live and of course, the size of your garden, look into functional furniture whose design will nicely match the look and feel of your garden.

The right color palette can vivify your outdoor space, adding a cozy sitting area is ideal for hosting smaller family get-togethers, summer barbecues, and not to mention birthday parties for the kids. When you go with functional pieces, however, that often means investing in sturdy materials that will withstand the elements. To make them more comfortable for lounging, add throw pillows, blankets, and the like.

Add lights for the right atmosphere

Warm summer movie nights under the stars are a beautiful way to spend time with your friends and family – but you need some light for proper visibility, to prevent any mishaps, and to make all those beautiful flowers and trees pop.

To combine sustainability with beautiful aesthetics, you can install solar string lights for the outdoor, and they’ll turn an ordinary garden into an enchanting one. When you don’t have to worry about electricity and sockets to position the lights, you can redesign and redecorate anytime you please, and place the lights precisely where you need them to make your garden look and feel cozy and inviting.

Vertical herb gardens

Some home improvements with a high ROI can be costly to start with, but others can be extremely affordable and pay for themselves fairly quickly. Vertical herb gardens are the perfect example, since they are low-maintenance, they add a layer of greenery to your outdoor space, and you can use them for your own culinary experiments.

For added color, you can choose hanging baskets in a variety of shades, and their layout can also simplify growing and picking fresh herbs depending on the season. You can also go with simple wicker pots or old-school, retro planters. Not only will you improve the appearance of your garden, but you’ll also add some fragrance to your outdoor space, too.

Let’s make it happen!

In all honesty, your budget will determine how much you can experiment with your outdoor space and how much you can invest in different ideas you like from our list. Some call for significant funds, while others add so much flair without causing any financial burden on your wallet.

The trick is to know how to allocate your available funds based on how your backyard looks today and then invest in ideas that will suit your own outdoor space best.

Whichever ideas you choose, you’ll notice that an outdoor oasis is merely a few creative alterations away. Add regular maintenance and proper care into the mix, and you’ll be proud to spend your time in your garden every day.

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