Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Productivity and Peace of Mind

Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Your kitchen and your dining room are likely two of the most used rooms in the house. Naturally, you’ll want those rooms to have the right levels of light to increase productivity and provide you with peace of mind. There are several different types of lighting you can use to your advantage and this short guide will give you some ideas.

kitchen with plants on table

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting usually hangs over a breakfast bar, dining table, or kitchen island, and they commonly suspend from a cord and bring light onto the surface directly below them. This makes them ideal for those who are working from home and need a direct form of light but don’t want to rely on lamps alone. A popular option is pendant ceiling bars  because they serve its function of providing illumination to a specific area, but they’re also a stylish feature that decorates a room, too.

When buying a series of pendant lights, remember to measure the height of your space first or you’ll risk having pendants lying too low – both a safety issue and a distraction.


Ceiling spotlights are a favourite for kitchen areas especially as they focus light on all of the right places while looking very modern and fashionable. You can choose where to place the spotlights meaning you can position them above key areas such as the worktop or the hob so you can get your jobs done without having to try and navigate a dimly lit area.

Depending on the type of work you’ll be doing in the area, you can also choose cooler white or warmer hues or even have a dimmer switch installed to control the lighting and mood of a room. Perhaps you want a bright space when working from home or cooking and a dimmer glow to provide you with some much-needed peace of mind in the evenings.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting in any area can add atmosphere and visual interest. While it doesn’t have a strictly functional purpose, it’s used for aesthetic reasons and is helpful to set mood, something that’s just as important as function when it comes to both productivity and peace of mind.

Fairy lights are typically the most popular option when it comes to decorative lighting because they’re flexible and can be hung just about anywhere, whether that’s above cabinets or around open shelving to give a pretty finishing touch to any room. Best of all, fairy lights are an extremely cost-effective option and can be found in most stores.

Natural light

The most underestimated lighting method of them all – natural light. There is tons of evidence that natural light boosts mood, wellbeing and productivity. Investing in skylights is one way to have more daylight in your kitchen and dining rooms. While they’re more expensive than the other options in this list, they are guaranteed to bring more natural light into your home and the benefits are endless.

And there you have it – kitchen and dining room lighting ideas for productivity and peace of mind. With these ideas in mind, you will be able to create rooms in your home that are both functional and relaxing, without compromising on aesthetics.

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