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Keeping your home safe with mat cleaning and maintenance

One of the ways that COVID-19 is being transmitted is on shoe soles. Infectious droplets of the virus can live on shoes for up to five days. This means that areas with high foot traffic can be a hazard even when following social distancing advice. This includes areas such as supermarkets or public transport.

UK Mats washing service will decrease the risk of spreading germs in your building. Not only possible traces of COVID-19. At UK Mats, they ensure their mat cleaning service is effective by washing mats in specialist detergent and 60ºC water. During standard services, they wash up to 20,000 mats a week. This is how they can deal with this new essential demand.

In this infographic below, UK Mats explains and explores some of the most popular mat options and how to clean them. Including the best detergents and equipment, you will need to keep your high-quality mats spic and span.
To find out more or to purchase a floor mat for your home or business, get in contact with UK Mats today.

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