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Is a 16 Inch Chainsaw Big Enough?

Are you thinking of buying a chainsaw? They are surprisingly useful tools to have around for use in the yard and workshop, and once you have one you’ll find you use it more than expected! A chainsaw differs from a standard power saw in that it is far more powerful.

It works by way of a chain, powered by either a gas or electric motor, turning a series of teeth very quickly around a metal bar. The effect is very impressive, and enables the extremely rapid cutting of large bits of wood, even of the hardest variety.

Being such a powerful machine – and also a relatively large one – means that, as with all power tools, you need to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for correct operation.

You also need to understand that these can be very dangerous machines if used carelessly, and protective clothing and eyewear is a must. It might be worth reading this useful guide to using a chainsaw safely before you start looking in earnest for your new chainsaw! So, the question in the title – is a 16-inch chainsaw big enough? Let’s talk about the different sizes in more detail and answer that question as best we can.

Different Sizes of Chain Saw

There are many different sizes and types of chainsaw. In this article, we are talking about those that are suitable for domestic use. What would you use one for? That – and how often will you use it – is the first question you should ask yourself before you start looking. Chainsaws are used for various purposes.

If you have trees in your yard, you may want to prune them back, so they are safe and easy to maintain. Or, you may have strong but smaller shrubs that also need bringing under control. In both cases, a chain saw is a great addition to your tool kit.

Some people who burn wood for heating chop the larger chunks into sensible sizes using a chainsaw. It’s quick and simple, and once you get the hang of it, effortless too. Others use them for woodworking as a hobby, often where large blocks of wood need shaping into smaller ones for carving, perhaps, or other uses. 

The usual sizes of chainsaw that you will find suitable for the home have either a 12inch bar – that’s the length of the protrusion on which the teeth are supported – or are 16inches long. If you check out the TraditionalGardening review of chainsaws, you’ll see the variety available, so it’s worth a read. Now let’s look at why a 16-inch chainsaw is, in fact, ideal for the home. 

Why 16 Inch Chainsaw?

A 16-inch chainsaw will be large enough to handle domestic-sized branches and tree stumps, and also for shrubs and bushes. It will also be just easy enough for anyone to handle who has the ability and knowledge of how to use a chain saw. Any longer, and you are stepping into the realms of commercial chainsaws designed for professional use and much larger, and these will not only be heavier and more difficult to handle, but also more expensive.

There is a lot to be said for choosing a battery-powered chainsaw for domestic use, too, as they are lighter and more convenient than their gas-powered counterparts. However, you may find that when you move up to 16 inches, the best models are those that are gas-powered. Have a look at the many different examples available and check the manufacturer specifications carefully, and you’ll soon have a chainsaw that will make tending your yard much easier!

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