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Interview Time: Six Questions To Ask A Prospective Roofer

Having your roof repaired or replaced is a major investment, both in terms of time and money.  Naturally, for something so important, you’d like to be reassured that the people you’re hiring to do it for you aren’t just qualified, but rather that they’re the best people you can hire for the job.  Here are six important questions to ask any roofer you’re looking to hire.

What’s is the company’s physical address?

While merely having a physical address isn’t necessarily a measure of a company’s ability, it does indicate that they’re most likely going to be around after the job is done.  This is important in the case of warranty claims and such. The lack of a physical location is a cause for concern, and a sign that you should take your business elsewhere.

For best results, go with a company whose contact numbers indicate a local presence; these companies are the ones most likely to have an established business and presence or reputation in the community.  Aside from making it easier to chase them down in the case of warranty claims, local businesses are more likely to have good contacts with local suppliers, as well as local references you can follow-up on.

Are you licensed?

It’s important to know that the company you’re hiring is licensed to do roof work in your state.  Licensing requirements vary from state to state; additionally, cities and counties may have specific local licensing requirements, separate from the state.  Check your local licensing requirements, and make sure the company has the required licenses.

Do you have insurance?

Roofing contractors should carry both workman’s compensation and liability insurance; this serves to protect you in the event of an accident.  Ask to see the insurance certificates, and contact the insurance company to verify that they’re valid.

Where can I see past and current examples of your work?


To judge the quality of a company’s work, nothing beats being able to go over yourself and see what their finished work looks like.  Better still, if they’re currently working on another job, ask if you can see it so you can get an idea of how they work.

Can you provide references?

Along with an idea of how their work looks, talking to past customers will help you get a good idea of how, exactly, the company operates.  Ask past customers about whether or not they were satisfied with the work, and whether or not they encountered difficulties with the company.

What are your warranty terms?

Not only is it important to know how long the company is willing to guarantee their work, it’s also important to know exactly what is covered by the warranty.  Take note that the warranty for the roofing materials is usually separate from that of the roof work, and is usually covered by the manufacturer, not the roofer.

While the personal interview isn’t the only way of finding the right roofing company, the information you need to make an informed choice is summed up in these six questions.  As long as you keep these questions in mind, you can’t go wrong when it comes to picking out the right roofing company.


Author Bio:

Based in Minneapolis, professional roofer Bob Dresback is the owner and Vice President of Finance at the Garlock-French Corporation, the best roofing contractors in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Minnetonka, and White Bear Lake areas.  Find out more about Bob by following him on Facebook.


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