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Infographic: How to Move Furniture Safely and Easily

You know all those huge cabinets, desks and wardrobes dotted around your home? They didn’t just sprout up from the ground; they were placed there through sheer endeavour and manpower. Anyone who has had to move a cumbersome, awkward piece of furniture will tell you that it is not something you’ll want to do all that often, but it is occasionally a necessary task and one which, with a bit of planning and thought, doesn’t have to be horrendously difficult.

Chic Furniture and Gift produced this infographic guide to moving furniture safely and with ease. They have very helpfully outlined step-by-step advice for negotiating stairways with heavy items of furniture, which can be tricky to move on one level, never mind attempting to get them up or down a flight of stairs. Your posture is crucial when lifting furniture along a stairway. People often neglect to bend their knees and instead lift with their back, which is a sure-fire way of causing a severe spinal injury.

It also pays off to plan your route thoroughly before moving a heavy piece of furniture. This means identifying potentially awkward spots and removing any hazards such as loose wires or discarded toys. Taking the time to leave yourself an impediment-free route will save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to the actual moving of the furniture.

If you’re in the process of renovating your home or undertaking some major household tasks, this guide to furniture moving will come in very handy.


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