How To Solve Sluggish Drains Once And For All


Slow drains are a pain. You end up waiting by the sink to ensure the water has fully drained away and you can’t do anything else while this is happening.

You’ll also notice that a greasy line is always left after the water has drained; it simply doesn’t have the pressure to take the grease with it.

The problem is that a slow drain is likely toeventually become a blocked drain; that’s why you need to contact North West Plumbing And Drainage today to get the problem sorted.

Identifying The Issue

It is possible to do a little detective work yourself;this can be to help you solve the sluggish drain issue or to make it easier for your plumber.

The first thing you need to consider is which drain is being sluggish.

If all the drains in your house are beingsluggish then the issue is likely to be with your mains drains as they leave your home and connect to the main sewerage line.

In fact, if your sewer pipe is on a small branch line for your property and several others then the blockage may be in this line.

If only one drain is being sluggish then the problem resides only with this drain; this is generally easier to deal with.

Dealing With The Sewer Line

Remember that sewer water can be hazardous to your health. IF you decide to do this procedure yourself make sure you are wearing adequate safety protection.

You’ll need to lift the mains drain cover outside your home. Then have someone pull the flush or run a tap; you’ll see if the water is coming past the drain. If it isn’t the blockage is between there and your house. If it is the blockage is further downstream.

Once you’ve identified where the blockage isyou’ll need to insert drain rods to try and clear the blockage. The rods are flexible which means they can go round bends in your pipes.

Inside The House

The first step is to use a sink plunger or toilet plunger. This will create a vacuum in the pipes which can dislodge any issue.

If this doesn’t work you can put half a cup oftable salt in the drain followed by half a cup of baking soda. Then slowly pour half a cup of vinegar into the drain and leave it for 30 minutes.

You can then pour very hot tap water down the drain for three minutes to see if this has helped.

If this doesn’t work you can run a sink snake through your drain. This is a fine metal wire that will bend round the corners in your pipes in the same way that the drain rods do. You should be able to locate the clog and then use the wire to loosen it. Follow this by pouring very hot water down the drain to wash the clog away.

It may help to take the trap off below the sink; this can be the reason it is draining sluggishly or it can simply provideyou with better access to the drains.

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