How to remove rust

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Rust is a common home complaint. As we have numerous household items and utensils made of metal, our homes are really destined to face rust in the end. One common area that receives enough problems with rust is the kitchen. Well, most of the modern kitchen utensils are made of metal and these are often exposed to water making a perfect recipe for rust formation. For that, you can at least lessen your headaches with these steps.

how to remove rust

To restore rusted tools or metal parts and the likes, dissolving the rust could be your best bet. For this, one kitchen condiments can help out. Vinegar is known to be acidic therefore can be corrosive as well. This property makes it a good candidate to dissolve rust. The acetic acid in the vinegar works like charm over rusted metal tops or you may even soak metal parts such as bolts in it. Soaking metal parts for 24 hours can greatly help with this problem. For metal surfaces, you may wipe the rust off after or you may wash it with dish soap.

how to remove rust - soak in vinegar

Or you may apply oxalic acid. Be careful about this as this can be very corrosive. Wear gloves and protective eyewear each time. First you need to wash the rusted item with dish soap then you have to rinse and carefully dry it. Then mix about 25 ml, or about 5 teaspoons, of oxalic acid with 250ml of warm water. After that, soak the item for approximately 20 minutes. Then you may clean down the item with a cloth or brush. Washing and dry the item is recommended after the removal is done.

how to remove rust - oxalic acid

If possible, a good way to end the process is by painting the surface. This is to prevent further damaging the metals in the future. Although you may never get rid of all the rust from the metal, it is advisable to repeat the processes mentioned above for a few times to further thin the rust.

how to remove rust - painting

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