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How To Properly Disinfect Countertops

Now more than ever it is important to make sure your home is clean from germs and diseases.  Properly disinfecting your countertops will keep your family safe this summer.

We hear it over and over, disinfect regularly to stop the spread. But what really goes into disinfecting your countertops? Our simple guide will discuss the best way to clean your countertops.

5 Steps To Disinfect Countertops Properly

Start with the food 

The first thing you should do to properly disinfect your countertops is to remove all large food items. Wipe off dry ingredients like flour as well as clear excess liquid or water. Once you have cleared the surface it is time to carefully wipe down the countertops with your sponge.

Sterilize your sponges

Many people do not know the trick to sanitize a sponge.  A sponge can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms.  To make sure your sponge is clean and ready to use we suggest you microwave it for 60 seconds.  Once it is has been microwaved be careful, it is HOT! You should let the sponge stand for about 10-15 minutes before using it.

Cleaning supplies

According to the CDC, there are two effective solutions to properly sanitize your countertops and disinfect your home.  The first solution is isopropyl alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol should be 70% or higher to effectively sanitize the surface. This can be put in a bottle and sprayed on the surface. Because of the concentration of isopropyl alcohol it can immediately be wiped as it kills germs on contact.

The second solution is a mixture of water and bleach.  The ratio should be ⅓ cup of bleach per 1 gallon of water.  It is important to make sure you do not add too much bleach as it can cause harm to your skin, lungs, and eyes. Once you have mixed the liquids it is recommended to store them in a spray bottle. When applying it is recommended to spray the surface and let stand for 2-3 minutes before wiping the countertop.

Organic option

While it is not recommended to use any other solution than the two listed above, there are new natural cleaning products that make claims to be as effective as bleach. Do your research on these products and if they seem like a good fit for your kitchen then go for it! Although we still suggest using the CDC recommended solutions, these natural alternatives are a good supplement to your regular disinfecting routine.

Get Started

Now that you have read our tips it is time to get started disinfecting your countertops. A final pro-tip is to use hot water and kitchen gloves.  Hot water alone will not sanitize a surface, but it will certainly help aid the new cleaning solutions in your arsenal. The kitchen gloves will protect your hands from the heat of the water as well as clean chemicals which can be harsh on your skin. In addition, make sure you are properly mixing your cleaning products to avoid injury or irritation of the skin. 

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