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How To Prepare Your Residential Property For Pressure Washing

Your residential property requires pressure from time to time for various reasons. For example, this procedure maintains your home and keeps it attractive. Nevertheless, you don’t wake up in the morning and have your property pressure-washed without preparing for it. There are things you need to take care of to make the procedure easier. Here are things you need to do before pressure washing your property:

Inform Your Neighbors

Pressure washing company such as Pressure washing Metairie LA involves having several contractors working in your home. Therefore, if your immediate neighbors aren’t aware of what’s going on at your place, it’s expected that they might be concerned. With that in mind, it’s advisable to inform your neighbors that you’ll have pressure washing contractors at your place to avoid raising false alarms.

Understand Areas To Avoid

Are you hiring a pressure washing company or do you prefer doing it yourself? If you prefer the DIY way, there are things you must understand about pressure washing a property. For instance, there are areas you shouldn’t pressure wash, such as vents, windows, and openings. Once you pressure wash such areas, you’re more likely to damage them or allow water to enter your home.

While pressure washing your property can save you money, it can be expensive if you do it wrong. That said, hiring a professional pressure washing company like pressure washing New Orleans is advisable to avoid destroying your property.

Shut The Windows, Doors, And Secure Other Openings

While homes are designed to withstand weather changes and prevent water from seeping into your home even during a harsh storm, the pressure from pressure washing can cause severe damage to your property more than a storm. That said, it’s wise to shut any opening that can allow water to penetrate your home. Close the doors and windows and seal all openings before the process begins.

Take Care Of Exterior Electrical Cords

Water and electricity are long-term enemies and will continue to be. Once they come into contact, they can cause an electricity shot that can severely damage your property. Therefore, before pressure washing your property, ensure to take care of the exterior electrical cords.

Unplug all exterior appliances, secure all cords, and cover the outlets. While most exterior electrical outlets have attached covers, some don’t. If yours lack the covers, purchase and install them before the procedure.

Keep Children And Pets Indoors

Pressure washing can be dangerous for small children and pets. To avoid accidents, ensure children and pets remain indoors until it’s safe to go outside; that’s when the pressure washing procedure is complete.

If keeping your loved ones indoors seems challenging, consider planning a family picnic or asking a family or friend to host your kids and pets until the contractor has finished their job. This way, everyone will be happy and secure, and your home will be washed without worries.

Remove Objects You Don’t Want To Contact Water

While you want your property to get sparkling clean, there are things you don’t want to get wet. It’s therefore vital to remove these objects from the water’s path, or they might get ruined. Among the objects you might want to prevent from getting wet may include garden furniture, grill, or charcoal. You might also want to remove flower pots away from your home since the pressured water can damage them easily.

Clear The Area

You don’t want the pressure washing contractors to encounter obstacles when performing their duty. Therefore, you should ensure the area is accessible for a successful procedure, especially if you’re preparing your property for sale. Remove the vehicles from the driveway, unlock the gates, and inform the contractors of the easiest ways to reach specific points.

Be Available For Communication

Professional pressure washers usually go about their duties without bothering homeowners. Nevertheless, sometimes they might ask you questions such as the easiest way to reach some areas. In such a case, you need to be around to offer any assistance the contractors might need. If you have a busy schedule and can’t be around, ensure a family member is around for similar purposes. You never know when these professionals will require your help.


Pressure washing your property is vital for hygiene and health reasons. For instance, it can eliminate accumulated dirt, resulting in a clean-looking home. On the other hand, this procedure can remove mold that can pose a health risk for your family. However, before this procedure is undertaken, preparing your property for a successful and smooth procedure is essential. If you’re looking forward to pressure-washing your home, consider the above-discussed preparation tips for a seamless procedure.

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