How to Make Your Yard Go from the Worst to the Best in the Neighborhood

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kravelv

Keeping up a great yard can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, leading many people to neglect their lawns. Though this cuts down on the work, it also will make your home look far worse as your yard becomes less kept up. If you’re ready to tackle the yard you’ve let go for too long, here are several tips that will help you transform it into the best in your neighborhood.

Use a Greening Compound

If you’ve left your lawn to its own devices for too long, chances are it’s less green than it would have been with proper care. Though regular fertilizing and plenty of water will bring it back to its full green color over time, you can also speed the process along with a special fertilizer that’s made specifically to enhance the color of your grass. One of the most popular brands of such fertilizers, Ironite, has been used for years to create greener lawns. A fertilizer of this type won’t make your lawn look perfect overnight, but it will speed color recovery along nicely.

Create Planted Areas

An easy way to make your yard look great is to create small areas of shrub or perennial plantings throughout your outdoor space. These areas will draw the eye and make your yard look more complete. Creating these areas is as simple as removing the grass, putting down mulch and border plastic or stones and then putting in your favorite plants. With just a couple of days of work, you can massively improve how your lawn looks.

Include a Water Feature

If you really want to take the appearance of your lawn to the next level, a water feature is a relatively easy way to do it. A fountain or a small stone waterfall attached to a pool can easily give your yard a unique touch of class that few, if any, of your neighbors, will be able to match. Be sure not to put in something that’s too big for your yard, though, as it will look out of place. You could also think about having a small pond put in place that will attract birds and give your home more of a natural appeal.

Make Upkeep Easy With an Irrigation System

Once you’ve got your lawn looking beautiful, it’s time to make sure it stays that way. Having an irrigation system installed will let you automate your yard’s watering, meaning you have to spend less time keeping it up. It’s usually best to hire a professional irrigation system installer to build your system, as this will ensure proper functioning and save you a great deal of time.

Plant a Tree

If you do not have a single tree in your yard, then you might want to think about planting one. A tree will not only add shade to your yard, but it will heighten the aesthetic appeal. With that, it might even help increase the value of your home. If you have kids, it can also serve as a great addition to your children’s play with their neighborhood friends—think climbing trees, imagination games, etc.

Get a Unique Mailbox

Have you ever seen a mailbox that was so interesting that it made you want to stop and look at it? Perhaps it looked like a shark mouth or castle. Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and get a mailbox that looks different than the generic type that the rest of your neighbors have. Get one that represents your personality, tastes, and interests. If you’re a huge football fan, then you might want to get one that looks like a football and promotes your favorite team. If you’re a book nerd, then you might want to get one that looks like a stack of books. By giving everyone something interesting to look at, you’ll be known as, “That house with the awesome mailbox!”

Taking your yard from the worst in the neighborhood to the best is all about planning and presentation. Think through your entire project before you start on it so that you have a clear idea of how your yard will look in the end. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be surprised by just how much better your property looks.