Checking in on the Outside: How to Keep Your Home’s Exterior in Tip-Top Condition

man checking house exterior

Last Updated on July 7, 2023 by Kravelv

There’s so much work that needs to go into maintaining a home, but most of that work is focused on the inside. Sure, the inside is where you live. It’s where you spend the most time in. It’s, therefore, where the bulk of your efforts have to be focussed. Caring primarily for your home’s interior is perfectly okay – so long as you don’t forget the exterior.

Your property’s exterior plays a crucial role in your home’s health and safety. That’s why you’ll need to follow the steps outlined in this guide to keep your exterior in tip-top condition.

Checking in on Your Roof

Every roof has a lifespan. You can increase that lifespan by properly maintaining it and getting any small issues repaired as soon as they start. To do this, first, you need to inspect it regularly. Every time you clear out the gutters take stock of your roof. You’ll also want to go into your attic to check for any water damage, especially after a particularly heavy storm.

Roof Repair Services can quickly fix minor issues like loose shingles and even repair leaks before they cause rot. That same company should also be capable of restoring your roof even in the extreme – like your roof is sagging due to wood rot.

Checking in on Your Windows

There are two key areas of your windows that you’ll want to check on. The first is the double glazing. If there’s a crack in the seal or if your windows are old, there’s likely a draft or condensation between the window panes. You’ll want to have this fixed so that you can continue to maximize your heating and cooling without wasting energy.

The casing or window ledge also needs to be checked. If the paint is chipping and cracking, for example, you’ll want to shave off that paint and reseal it to prevent rot and further damage.

Checking in on Your Exterior Walls

Every spring or summer, you should check your exterior walls for things like leaks and cracks. Both can spell trouble for your home, though the repair should be quick and easy if you manage to catch it early. Some hairline cracks are nothing to worry about, especially if your home is new, as properties settle over time. Large cracks, stains, and other issues, however, are a problem that must be dealt with as soon as you spot them.

Checking in on Your Foundation

You’ll also want to check in on your foundation. Once again, you’re looking for leaks or cracks. Check both near the base of your property and also in your basement for issues. The exterior wall here supports your entire home, so if the ground underneath your home is shifting out of place, it could spell trouble for your entire property.

In general, you’ll want to give your home a good once-over once to twice per year at a minimum. If you notice a tiny issue and aren’t sure if it needs to be addressed, take a photo of it and check back later to see if it’s gotten bigger. A small crack that doesn’t change in size is likely just a result of the property settling or the paint drying out. If it gets larger, however, then this is indicative of a more serious issue. Do this with your roof, windows, and exterior wall to keep everything in good condition.