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How to Get Rid of Termites Effectively

There are a number of insects and critters which can harm the sanctity of your home, but none of them can be as destructive as termites. This is because of the fact that these creatures are practically invisible initially, and can gain access to your house’s foundation and chomp away at it like it’s a piece of steak. Before you know it your house will be infested by a whole slew of termites which can be quite difficult to eradicate.

It would be juvenile to think that there is only one type of termite , these critters come in different sizes and can unleash a varying degree of catastrophe at your house. These include:

Source: Wikimedia

Subterranean termites

They live in the soil, and build one of the largest nests they are usually found near tress or timber. They hack away at the wood of your house at an extremely quick pace.

Dampwood Termites

Usually found near woods which have high moisture content, and are usually not found in homes.

Drywood Termites

They are usually found in hardwood and timber and they do not require any contact with the soil, they are usually responsible for the damage caused to your home.

The most obvious sign that termites have infested your house is the damage to your wooden doors, if you want to be sure go to the basement of the house and find out if the wooden base is hollow, also look for brown excrement if it is present there it likely means that there is a termite infestation in your house.

Source: Wikimedia

Getting Rid of Termites

I would advise each and every individual to hire a professional pest controller to deal with this problem, as they have the expertise which can ensure that the problem does not become a recurring affair. They also have knowledge about the best termite killer in the market. Here is how you can get rid of termites.

Permethrin Dust

This will give you an instant result because of the fact that it is a natural insecticide. It is also extremely effective when dealing with insects such as ants and Ticks as well. The chemical is extremely popular due to the fact that it swiftly kills termites, and is easily obtainable.

Arsenic Dust

This again is extremely effective as even if one termite comes into contact with it, it is highly likely that it is going to spread to the others as well and destroy a colony. Arsenic is cannibalistic in nature hence it is usually transferred from one insect to the other when they feed on dead insects.

Damp Wood Maintenance

Damp wood is the biggest cause of termite infestation; hence make sure that your wood remains dry to avoid termites.

Salt and Sunlight

Termites feed off dark and damp places, and just like a vampire sunlight can help destroy termites as well. Another alternative is to use a salt and water mixture, and spraying it onto the affected areas to kill all termites.

However as previously mentioned some of the stuff listed here can be quite dangerous if not handled correctly, and your best bet is to leave it in the hands of a professional. Make sure you know about the affected areas of your house before you decide to hire somebody for their extermination.

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