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How to Design a Feng Shui Living Room

Whenever people think about feng shui, the first thought is moving furniture around. The truth is, there is more to it than meets the eye. Feng shui involves tapping into the earth’s elements and bringing that energy into your home. In doing so, you can experience inner peace and comfort. If you have been stuck on how to do this, here is how you can design your living room into a feng shui space.

Clear the space

 One of the things you will learn about feng shui is you cannot stay around clutter. That being said, ensure you clear your room of any distractions. Take your time and get rid of items that you no longer use but crowd your living room space. By creating more space, you give your chi enough space to move around and create the sense of peace you were yearning for.

Use smooth furniture

Decorate with rounded furniture to ensure that the chi is flowing in the house without any obstacles. Get the best lounges and sofas for your home, as this is what will create a sense of peace and balance in the home. If your sofas have sharp corners, you might want to consider upholstering them, so they have smoother corners.

Air your room

While it might seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, ensure you air out your room. Stale air can block your chi from flowing, which leads to sad and depressing thoughts. The best way to go about this is to ensure your windows stay open, especially during the day. It helps you tap into the air energy and bring about a sense of calm as people breathe in the fresh air.

Ensure there is enough seating space

One rule of feng shui is to ensure everyone has a space to sit. It does not matter how small your living room might be. Find ways to get everyone seated when they are in the room. Add a loveseat to the mix if you already have the big lounge seat. You can also add a couple of stools or an ottoman if the room is not cluttered and you have provided enough seating space.

Light up the room

Light helps promote good health, so you need to ensure that your room is well lit at all times. During the day, open up the curtains and the windows to let in enough light. Never sit in the living room with closed curtains during the daytime. At night, ensure you invest in quality focal and accent lighting. It will make the entire room come to life, and people will enjoy being in it at all times.

The trick with feng shui is to ensure a balance of the elements at all times. While it might take some learning to get it right, the pointer above has touched on the major areas. Making your living room feng shui will greatly impact you and anyone who uses the room.

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