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How to De-Ice Your Roof?

When a winter storm catches you by surprise, it is highly likely to end up with ice dams and snow on your roof. Even if you couldn’t invest any time in prior maintenance, you can still deal with the situation properly to avoid any further loss.

Here are 7 effective ways to de-ice your roof.

Inspect Your Roof

First of all, it is important to get your roof inspected to detect the ice bulks. The inspection process must include the gutters and downspouts as well. Once you are sure that you have identified all areas of your roof, you can proceed further.

Remove the Source

After the inspection, you would be able to detect the source of ice dams. If you cause any delay in removing the particular source, the ice dams would continue building up.

It would result in increasing the weight and pressure on the roof by affecting its structural integrity. It is suggested to remove the snow by using a snow rake from a safe distance.

Chip Away Ice Dams

You can use an ice pick to chip away ice dams from hard to reach areas of your roof. It can also reach till the bottom of your gutter and downspouts to prevent them from getting clogged.

However, you need to be conscious while using it. Otherwise, it can scratch off the bottom of the gutter and roof deck.

Ice-Melting Products

You can purchase any effective ice-melting product to apply it to the specific areas of your roof. Such products contain the chemicals which serve the purpose of melting the ice. However, you need to apply it evenly and carefully to ensure its effectiveness.

Heated Cable

You can get a heated cable installed on your roof beforehand to avoid the formation of ice dams. If you tend to avoid it anyhow, you can still put it at the specific places of your roof where snow has fallen. It can help melt the snow immediately which makes it easier for you to remove the ice dams.

Spray Warm Water

It is a simplest yet effective way which produces results instantly. You can get any spray device to get it filled with warm water. You can then spray the water on the ice dams to make them melted at once.

It is also possible that the water gets cold or turned into snow after being sprayed on the dams. So, this trick is useful and applicable only for some specific areas where the weather isn’t that intense.

Professional Help

Since it is a quite risky task to de-ice your roof, you might need professional roofing contractors Trenton Michigan to get the proper services for repairing your precious roof. You need to be very conscious and alert during the hiring process to ensure that you get a trustworthy and reliable option. However, it is recommended to get done with this process beforehand to avoid the hassle and frustration at last moment.    

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