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How to Choose the Best Shower Cap to Keep Your Hair Dry and Stylish?

A shower cap is supposed to keep your hair dry when taking a shower, but not every shower cap succeeds in doing so. Finding the best bath hats that can fulfill this very purpose while also being stylish and comfortable to wear can be more difficult than it sounds, so we have put together this list of the vast variety of shower caps on the market to inform you about which type to purchase.

Why a Shower Cap?

Whether you have just had a medical procedure or applied a nice hair mask, a shower cap is a great way to protect your hair from damage caused by shampooing.

Our top 6 picks

While you might know about a waterproof shower cap, it is still essential to know your options.

1. Washable Shower Cap

A washable shower cap is good for money-conscious consumers who don’t want to spend money on the same item over and over again.

2. Disposable Shower Cap

If you have sensitive skin or prefer not to use chemicals on your hair, you might opt for a reusable disposable shower cap.

3. Double-Layer Shower Cap

If you’re wondering how to find a shower cap that fits perfectly, consider a double-layer shower cap. These reusable and adjustable options are perfect for anyone who needs more coverage.

4. Smoke-proof shower cap

A Smoke-proof shower cap is a handy choice if you love bonfires or cooking on an outdoor grill.

5. Baby Shower Cap

If you are a parent worried about shampoo falling into your baby’s delicate eyes, don’t worry! A cute baby shower cap in the market can provide essential protection against cradle caps and general mishaps (i.e., accidents) during bath time.

6. Medical-Grade Elastic Shower Cap

A medical-grade elastic shower cap offers extra protection against lice and bugs. Moreover, if you’re not particularly crazy about wearing a shower cap but still want to keep your hair dry, look for one that can be adjusted with an elastic band or fitted over your head like a helmet. You can also use it while applying a beauty or facial mask.

Beware of Plastic

You should avoid a plastic hair shower cap because they are not very environmentally friendly. A disposable shower cap is best suited for keeping your hair dry while bathing because it doesn’t contain as much airflow as plastic ones. A disposable shower cap is an eco-friendly alternative.

If you want something more sustainable, look into a facial shower cap or medical shower cap instead. Both are made from cotton and have holes that allow air to flow through them so they won’t irritate your eyes.

Functionality over Fashion

Some brands will even provide you a cool shower cap in stylish patterns and colors to add some flair to your bathroom routine. The downside is that a designer shower cap isn’t always as functional as fashionable, so if you tend to stay in your bath or shower longer than usual, it might be worth sticking with plain black or white.

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