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How Does Water Damage Your Home Foundation?

Whether it’s plumbing leaks in your basement or rainwater finding an entry into the crawl space, these situations often lead to foundation damage ( when left untreated for quite some time). Every homeowner must understand the damage caused by water to your home structure, so one can seek help when it’s needed the most.

Wall Cracks

The most visible sign that tells the story of water damage is a diagonal or stair-like wall crack. With time, this crack becomes bigger or wider due to changes in heat and moisture level. A homeowner shouldn’t ignore these cracks because they will soon become a welcoming ground for other issues like pest infestation or mold growth. 

Cracks on your basement floor need your immediate attention. This crack doesn’t appear due to a plumbing leak but due to moisture issues in your soil. Soil expands due to high moisture or contract due to low humidity. This expansion or contraction leads to soil movement or settlement. First, you notice cracks on floors, and then they start sinking or become uneven. The Sooner you find a foundation contractor in Parma, the better way you can handle this issue.

Wall Warping

You clean the mess caused by flooding in your home, and then all of a sudden, the window and door don’t shut down properly. You think that it’s water that is causing this issue. You are right, but not completely. The water in the wood isn’t the issue. The underlying problem is the warped wall due to flooding. Hydrostatic pressure in the wall pushes it against the frame. If you don’t pay attention to this issue, it will soon be hard for you to open a window because the frame will be stuck.

If you don’t ask for help from foundation repair experts, soon you will have to face a significant security breach or problem.

Mold Problem

Mold needs moisture to grow. When your basement experiences flood damage, then extreme moisture and dampness lead to mold growth. Mold spores travel in the air and spread fast from one area of the home to another. This issue will give rise to many other problems. Mold feeds on organic material like carpet, rugs, wood, floorboard, and drywalls. Your newly-set wallpaper will be destroyed within days by decay. You experience asset damage alongside health issues. Mold spores infect your air and reduce air quality. So, when you breathe in this air, then it causes many health concerns like nose congestion, asthma attack, skin allergies, rashes, and many other problems. 

You need to ask for waterproofing services in Parma. Foundation repair experts will prevent further water damage in your space by sealing entry points.

Leaning Walls

Another sign that asks you to seek structural wall repair services in Parma is leaning walls. Flooding will increase hydrostatic pressure on walls. First, they warp and then start leaning or bowing. Walls become weak over time and can’t support your home structure. Ignoring these walls will become your most significant life regrets as soon you need to experience home collapse.

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