How Are Glider Benches Made And How Can I Find One On A Budget?

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A porch is a great addition to any home. This is a good place to relax, bond with guests, and great for lounging and spending time with the whole family. For comfort and convenience, it is best to place chairs and benches so guests and family members can relax properly on the porch. That said, glider benches or porch gliders are popular among homeowners who need comfortable outdoor seats in such areas.

An outdoor glider bench is a piece of seating furniture that slides back and forth in a straight motion. A glider bench can range from one to three-seater, depending on the size. Many people opt to go for a glider bench as they are more comfortable and space-saving. Aside from that, there are fewer issues with motion sickness and there is no need for maintenance. On top of this, elders and children won’t have trouble getting in and off the bench. 

How Are Glider Benches Made?  

To give you a little bit of knowledge about the glider bench’s history, let’s go back to the 20th century. The J.R Bunting Company (later named The Bunting Metal Glider Company) was the first known company to create the glider bench, which was initially made from metal. 

Most outdoor glider bench nowadays are made from wood material like Teakwood, Rattan, and Cypress Wood. Although they glide, these benches are designed in a way that it does not fall, swing, or topple over. Some types of glider benches can be assembled from several parts, which is made possible by drilling holes to connect each one.

The arms of the bench are first assembled to provide support for the bench frame. Next, slats are placed above the frame, these serve as the surface where the user can sit. After that, bracings and backrest can be added for extra support and comfort.

Benefits of A Glider Bench

If you are still unsure about getting a bench glider, then the following reasons might help you decide. Glider benches are both comfortable and functional. They don’t also pose dangerous risks, unlike swings. Listed below are the benefits of choosing a glider bench over swings and rockers:

  • They Consume Less Space  

Unlike porch swings, you don’t have to worry about adding extra space for glider benches as they have a fixed dimension. You only have to accommodate the bench’s actual size and provide a little legroom for it to glide. Even then, it would not take up much space compared to swings where a good amount of distance should be cleared to avoid accidents. With that said, the glider bench is a perfect choice if you don’t have a huge porch area, and you need to save on space to accommodate other furniture.

  • A Safer Option  

If you have children who frequently love to rock and forth on a rocking chair, you probably had plenty of mini heart attacks. If you’d like to eliminate such worries, having a porch glider would be perfect for your family. 

A porch glider stays on its base, so you wouldn’t have to worry if the bench would flip over and cause accidents that can harm your children. Having a porch glider will ensure the safety of your family. It’s great to ensure the safety of adults and elders too.

  • It Doesn’t Leave Any Marks

A rocking chair tends to move a lot, especially when it is constantly being used. Rocking the chair back and forth, with the added weight of a person, can leave floor marks that will ruin the quality of your flooring.

With a porch glider, you can guarantee that your flooring will stay in tip-top shape as the glider won’t move a single inch. This is the perfect seating furniture if you’re afraid of damaging your newly installed deck. 

  • Different Styles and Colors

If you constantly have many visitors over, or if you are a huge family, a glider bench is a good option because it can generally accommodate more people in one seating. A glider bench offers a wide span of sizes that can range from one to three-seaters or more. Along with this, you can find bench gliders that are made from different materials and colors. Surely, you could find a design that matches your preference and perfectly pair them with your patio door and windows. 

How To Find Bench Gliders On A Budget

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that a glider offers for your family, it’s time to look for the best ones on the market. Looking for a suitable bench glider is not that hard, but if you have a limited budget, then finding the right one could be a bit more challenging.

Having a great porch doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on it, a beautiful patio can just cost less than a thousand. To shop for glider benches on a budget, below are a few good tips to keep in mind.

  • Compare Prices

Don’t purchase the first one you see in the store or on the internet. Allow yourself to explore different options, and feel free to compare prices and see which one is more cost-efficient. Some companies offer a bundle pack that lets you purchase a glider and a set of accessories (like a side table) at a discounted price. This might be a good deal for you. 

  • Wait for A Sale  

Usually, there will be certain days in a year where companies will give huge discounts on furniture like glider benches. If you’re not rushing, you might want to wait a few weeks or months until a company announces a sale. You have to watch out for seasonal sales too. This includes Black Friday sales, Christmas, and holiday clearance sales.

  • Consider Second Hand

If you don’t mind having a used item on your porch, you might want to consider purchasing a second-hand glider bench. There are many platforms where you can find an online community where people sell second-hand furniture near your area.

To be sure about the condition of the item, make sure to pick it up yourself and inspect the quality before handing in your payment. While transacting online, make sure you ask for actual photos that can focus on every flaw, if any. You should also ask the reason why the owner is selling the item and if they can offer discounts. Don’t be afraid to haggle, as it can help you save a ton! 


Having a marvelous patio should also be matched with beautiful outdoor seating furniture like a glider bench. You don’t have to fret about your kids’ safety and think about the limited space that you have; a glider bench addresses those nuisances for you. 

Finding a glider bench on a budget can be quite challenging. However, you can still get a good deal, especially if you are patient and not impulsive enough to buy the first bench that you see. Be patient and wait for special sales, discounts, and look for good second-hand bargain deals.

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