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Home secrets!  How to care and clean your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is something common to every household. It helps in giving your room the desired look, be it classy or chic. But wooden furniture usually gets dusty with the air borne particles and other sources. It has always been a question of how the furniture can always look like new. The way of cleaning your furniture mostly depends on the finishing of it. Here are a few ways that can help your furniture look as new as ever, for a longer time.

  1. Soap and water cleaning

It has always been questionable whether or not to use water on wooden furniture. But to remove a few stains and to keep you furniture absolutely clean, use of warm water and soap is essential. The only thing that must be kept in mind is not to soak the furniture in water. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the areas that are hard to reach. The furniture must be wiped off dust properly using a soft cloth or paper towel and then should be dried with a soft cloth to ensure that there’s no moisture left over it.

  1. Careful Concealing

Furniture tends to have a few scratches and chips, especially on the feet. These scratches look really odd. They can be easily covered using a shoe polish of the same color. If you can find a felt pen of the same color as your furniture, it would help you to hide them in even a better way.

  1. Soft wax protection

Once you have cleaned the furniture well, it is important to protect it too. A soft paste wax of a good quality should be used as it gives a good finishing also. A thin layer must be applied all over the furniture and should be left for around five minutes. Buff lightly using a soft shoe brush or a soft cloth. Then leave the furniture for an hour or so to dry off completely.  After it dries of, the furniture must be buffed again but with some vigor. This gives your furniture a long lasting shine.

  1. The coffee mug stains

The rings that cups or others leave on the table don’t need a deep cleaning session to be taken care of. They can be cleaned as and when it is required, that too effortlessly. The best of all ways is to use some mild abrasive, maybe some non-gel toothpaste, mixed with baking soda. The other alternative can be cooking oil mixed with ashes. The paste created must be rubbed on the area using either your finger or a soft cloth. The stain goes off easily and your table looks all clean every time.

  1. Polishing the metal hardware

It is very important to take off all the metal hardware that your furniture has, before polishing them. You must remember which piece was from where. Using a good quality metal polish, polish all the pieces. Once they are polished and all shining, carefully put them back to where they belong. Make sure that you do not scratch the wood surface. If you are doubtful of doing the task yourself, it is always better to hire a professional.

It is best advised to keep your furniture cleaning regime up to date, as with proper care your furniture can be everlasting, reflecting a fresh look for ages. Properly maintained furniture speaks for itself and saves you a lot of money. While the wooden roofs give a classy and elegant tinge to your home, they also require a lot of care which might otherwise be hard for you. But not to worry, you can seek help from professionals like the roofing companies in Maryland. They are experts in installing and deep cleaning of the roofs.

Now you know, a well maintained wood adds to your home but furniture that’s poorly maintained gives it a shabby look. Thus, indulge in the former and have a Happy cleaning!


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Lindsey Hill shares diverse perspectives on the home improvement industry in US. She has devoted his time to write on issues like encouraging people to use organic products at home, making home look beautiful at low budget and house cleaning services in Chicago. She gives home buyers, sellers, owners and renters the inside scoop on properties and places. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.


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