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Home Improvements: Ways to design a mess-free home

We all are aware of the fact there is no other place like our own house, where we could relax, put our feet up and enjoy a gala time with family and a lot more. Every home is unique in its own way, but after a specific time every house requires a new touch. Be it a switch of furniture or curtains or a big remodeling, all will give a rejuvenating look to the house and the family residing in there. Therefore, for doing so, whether you are considering a remodel or are thinking about designing it like a new one, is all your choice. But before you freeze on one, have a look on the following tips, which could help you in serving your purpose in the best possible way and find out if some of these work for your home:

This is the object that gets dirty the fastest. Therefore, a stained concrete with a protective sealer flooring should be the choice. Minimal layers and a nonporous seal makes a perfect snap to mop or clean the floor and pretty much resistant to anything that may spill out. Other great flooring options are luxury vinyl tile or laminate in a wood-look plank, as hardwood floors are easy to sweep and mop too.

A fine dust mop or a sponge mop is all you need to sweep it perfectly, but with the hardwood, you can’t ignore to clean any splash or splatter of any sort of liquid. In addition, if you consist of any wall-to-wall carpet, try limiting it to bedrooms, where you’ll tend to go barefoot.

Commercial carpet tiles come with a wide range of textures including some fine options with a softer and deeper pile than what was used to be the definition of traditional carpet tiles. They are just as easy to vacuum as any other area rug, but here comes the best part about it, which says that if a tile gets a really bad spill on it, you can pick that tile easily and wash it in the sink. After it is dry you can put it right back down, which is really a very easy thing to do.

Your walls should be taken care of well, and therefore it needs to be one of those walls that are easy to clean and taken care of, especially if you have children or pets residing in the house. The solution to it is that you need to select excellent-quality paint for the house and the right finish for high-traffic areas. This will present you with a lesser time in cleaning the walls that too without the fear of taking the paint off.

Usually, leather upholstery is preferred by the people with children because it is simple to wipe them off. In addition, if you’re thinking about going with colors like wine red, red Kool-Aid, or yellow mustard then you should know these colors can easily leave stains on the leather. Therefore, a better choice would be choosing black, charcoal gray, taupe, brandy or chocolate sort of colors. Even you need to take care of the quality grade of the fabrics and fine quality fabrics are worth their extra cost.

If you make sure these fabrics are machine washable, then they could be termed as another fine option for easy clean upholstery. Therefore, if you’re having custom slipcovers, be sure to go with the machine-washable fabrics and to have it washed before they they turned out to be dirty.

This is a way to speed up mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, especially in the dining areas, as you just need to roll the table out of the way for a wide-open space to clean the space. However, you also need to make sure that those casters are the ones with perfect lockers who are able to make a grip of all the furniture, so it doesn’t roll away while you’re trying to have a meal.

Utilise each and every corner and niche of the house and try to allocate the storage rack near the area where the items to be stored are actually used. In addition, you should try to locate your most often used items where it is easy to reach. Even though cabinets or closets that run all the way to the ceiling do make use of the space, but if you have to drag a stool out to put things away, it will slow you down. Therefore, save those high cabinets for items that are rarely used.

Well, built-in storage is wonderful, so do not forget to consider storage while picking furnishings for your place. However, choosing storage ottomans would be a good idea and will also give you a quick spot for stashing magazines, toys or throw blankets.

Placement in a basement or garage is common, but usually not very convenient. Therefore, you need to spot your ideal laundry spot, which could be right next to your master bedroom. As everyone dresses next to their closet, therefore, it would be most convenient option to toss clothes straight into a nearby washer. Pulling clothes out of the dryer and being just a few steps away from putting them back in my closet would be heaven. And it’s just me and my husband, so I don’t have to carry laundry to other rooms.

But that scenario isn’t for everybody. Some people prefer the laundry room to be near — or even within — the kitchen so that they can run loads while doing other chores in the kitchen and keeping an eye on children. Just think about it very carefully. What location would save you time and steps?

Laundry chutes are low tech, but require careful planning to locate them well. Bathrooms or halls near bedrooms are both great spots, making it easy for everyone in the family to send dirty clothes straight to the laundry room.

However, if you’re planning to build or buy a new home, then you really need to think about how much space you would be needing. If you maximize the functionality of your dwell, you might realize that you do not need as much space as you thought of. It’s just simple calculation that the larger your home would be, the longer time it would take to clean. Perhaps, if you’re not moving to a new home, then you just need to reduce the amount of stuff that you have in your home. Wherever it makes sense divest yourself of things that take up your time and energy both to care for.

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