Home Improvement Ideas for Drafty Houses

Last Updated on April 27, 2022 by Kravelv

Not many people want to live in a drafty house. Not only are they terrible for energy efficiency, but they can also get very cold and unpleasant to be in, especially in the colder months.

As a landlord, you will want to make sure that your tenants are as comfortable as possible. One, so they do not go looking for other places to move into instead, and two, because it can help keep your house in good shape. Tenants are more likely to look after a property they are happy in.

caulk in window

This piece is going to take a look at some home improvement ideas you can use to make sure your house is draft-free!

Get Some Stoppers

Drafts commonly come in from under the doors, so putting something in place that can keep that excessive air flow out is one of the first steps. These gaps under your doors cause draft problems for two reasons. Either they are letting in excessive cold air into the building, or they are letting out warm air that has been heated within the home. Both of these can mean that the house stays below a comfortable temperature.

There are plenty of draft stoppers on the market, from ones you can screw into the bottom of the door, to removable stoppers that are filled with polyester balls. If you need a temporary solution immediately, then filling up tights with dried beans can be a great alternative.

Window Shrink Wrap

Window shrink wrap is a great semi-permanent solution to help keep out any excess drafts, especially in older houses. While the ideal would be to invest in and install double glazing, it can be a big and expensive job, and some old buildings are also protected against such improvements.

Using a window shrink wrap works by tightening the gaps around the panes of glass to keep things airtight. This also works well in the summer, when your tenants are using air conditioning or cooling devices, as it keeps this cool air inside, instead of escaping outwards.

If you are looking for some other investments and hacks for an easy landlord life, consider homeowners property management. It can help with a variety of important aspects such as maintenance management and emergency site visits for no extra fee!

Self-Adhesive Foam Strips

Self-adhesive foam strips are a quick and easy solution if you only have a few cracks somewhere. They do work best for windows, but you can get creative and try different tricks out as they can easily be removed. Just make sure your strips are the right size, because if they are too small, you will still be looking at a draft gap – just in a different place.

Invest in Curtains

If you have an old building that is particularly shy of doors, it can be much more difficult to keep heated air in one room. Using curtains is an excellent and semi-permanent way of keeping the heating a room, keeping drafts out, or regulating the temperature without any other interference.

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