High-value Landscaping Updates for Your Property

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Kravelv

When you want to increase the value of your home, you should immediately start thinking about what updates you can make to the exterior. While expensive renovations of the kitchen and bathrooms can be useful, they usually don’t recoup more in value than you spend. Meanwhile, landscaping improvements are guaranteed to get you back all your costs and then some.

This is because landscaping is becoming ever more important to the next generation of homebuyers. Not only is the exterior of your home what visitors first see — which forms their first impression of the property — but your landscape can function as another place to live and entertain. If you are looking for some high-value updates to make to your home, here are some landscaping ideas to get you started.

Impressive Doors

The doors and windows of your home aren’t only functional; they also lend your exterior vital personality and style. If your doors are old and outdated, it is probably time for an upgrade. One of the hottest front door trends is steel and glass, which makes an impressive and eye-catching statement. You might also consider updating your garage door, which recoups 98 percent of your costs according to Remodeling Magazine. Your garage door should match the style of your home, but dark colors, lots of windows and energy efficiency are all big pluses to buyers.

A Healthy Lawn

Every home should have a lawn, but if you want your property to stand out, your lawn should be and healthier than the rest. Unfortunately, lawns require near-constant maintenance to grow their greenest, which means you either need to devote your days to lawn care, or you need to hire an expert. You can search online for lawn care near me to find lawn care professionals who know what your type of grass needs. A good-looking lawn boosts a home’s value by more than $1,000, which makes the extra expense worthwhile.

Large, Old Trees

There is something inexplicably charming about old shade trees, so you should give your property a few. It’s most cost-effective to raise a tree from a five-foot height because at that stage, trees are still relatively small and cheap but they will grow tall and magnificent in just a few years. You should opt for trees that are indigenous to your region, which will require less care and upkeep than non-native trees. You should plant your trees between 15 and 20 feet from your house to enjoy the maximum impact on your energy bills and avoid too much debris falling on your roof.

An In-ground Fire Pit

Outdoor living is a major landscape renovation trend, but if you don’t have the space for a full kitchen and living space in your yard, you can almost certainly add an in-ground fire pit. Fire pits create a sense of camaraderie as well as a focal point for your yard’s entertainment area. You can DIY a simple fire pit using bricks or stones, or you can have a professional build a fire pit replete with gas burner into your existing patio. In either case, you’ll enjoy a hefty increase in home value because of it.

A Larger Deck or Patio

This is another valuable update triggered by the outdoor living trend. If you have the budget and space, it’s a good idea to increase the size of your outdoor entertaining area. If you can’t increase the size of your current deck or patio, you might hardscape another area of your yard using gravel or pavers as well as a covering like a pergola. While this is a larger investment in your landscaping, the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals attest that you’ll recoup between 69 and 76 percent of your costs in your increased home value.

Dramatic Lighting

While you might landscape your home based on its appearance during the day, you and your guests will most often see the exterior of your home in the evening and at night. That means you should strongly consider adding lighting to your landscaping to highlight important features and add drama. Your first priority should be illuminating paths and providing light to entertaining areas, perhaps by hanging string lights over your patio or deck. Then, you should consider installing up-lights on taller elements of your landscape, like trees and trellises. This will show off the hard work you put into your landscape and create an attractive scene in your yard.

Once you have worked on your landscaping, you can turn your attention to other renovation projects inside your home. Until then, you should prioritize making your landscape absolutely perfect to increase your home’s value by leaps and bounds.