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Get Rid of Foul Smell with Upholstery Cleaner

Nothing comes close to spending your rest hours feeling cozy on your couch while watching TV during your free time. That’s why it’s important to keep your sofa looking clean and smelling fresh for that best “me” moment. However, because your sofa is one of the most commonly used fixtures in your house, it becomes a catch-all basin for chip crumbs, popcorn kernels, soda spills, and pet/child pee.

If your couch emits a foul odor in your living room, you better get rid of it while the source of the foul smell is still new and easy to remove. Sometimes, vacuuming or wiping down the sofa can do the trick, but using an upholstery cleaner is so much better. This device provides relief from ugly stains and bad smell on your couch.

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Couch

An upholstery cleaner is not the only solution that you can try to remove that pestering smell. There are many ways that you can do to give your couch the refresh it deserves.

  1. Use a handheld garment steamer.

If your couch is full of hardened dirt and stains, you can steam clean it. The steam coming out from this device can prevent the transfer of virus and bacteria. It can also kill dust mites, remove loosen stains, and remove wrinkles and foul odor. Using a garment steamer is easy – go over the entire sofa, giving more focus on dirty and stained areas. You can treat stained areas following steps #3 onwards.

2.  Use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment.

Vacuum along the inside corners where most of the dirt is collected. Press the device into the surface to build as much suction power as possible. If you have removable cushions, take them off to vacuum the fabric underneath. Go as far as your vacuum can reach in all parts of the sofa. If you have a crevice head, you can use it to vacuum the sides, back, and area under the seat cushions, working in a grid pattern. Don’t forget to clean the pillows too!

3. Check your couch care instruction.

Determine what type of care you can use for the fabric. Typically, manufacturers use the following clean tags:

4. If the case instruction is W, treat stains with an enzyme-containing formula. Use a few quantities, mix with a mild detergent in warm water. Test the solution in a hidden area first before applying it in noticeable parts.

5. If your cushion has a removable cover, unzip it and place a paper towel between the fabric and filling so that the cloth can absorb the formula. Gently apply the cleaner into the stain and blot the stain from outside moving in. After removing the stains, dab the area with a clean rag to remove the solution properly. For “S” fabric, do the same steps mentioned here but with a solvent-based product according to package direction.

6. Once the sofa is clean and dry, kill any lingering germs and fight foul smell with a fabric sanitizing spray.

Using Upholstery Cleaner to Get Rid of the Smell

There can be many reasons for that unwanted stench – greasy foods, wet pets, or messy kids. Cleaning your upholstery using the methods mentioned above may not be enough to get rid of foul smell. When sprinkling baking soda is not enough to fight the odor, you might need the deep-cleaning power of an upholstery cleaner.

If you have several pieces of furniture to clean, manual cleaning is a laborious and time-consuming task. To address this concern, you can use an upholstery cleaner to effectively remove debris, stain, and the culprit of that annoying smell. Buying an upholstery cleaning can be a worthy investment later on, especially if you have a big house with many upholsteries to clean. It’s more practical than hiring professional cleaners to do the job.

If you don’t know which upholstery cleaner to buy, visit this link for guidance.  Some of the top brands mentioned on the website include the following:

Bissell SpotBot 33N8

Bissell SpotBot offers a hands-free spot and stain removal for your upholsteries. It has two preset cleaning cycles, an automatic sprayer, brushes, and suction technology to remove stains and bad smell. Its DeepReach Technology delivers formula deep into carpet fibers.

Bissell 3624

Bissell 3624 is a powerful and portable stain remover for upholstery and auto interiors, carpets, and more. It combines suction, scrubbing, and cleaning solution to remove stubborn dirt, stain, and foul odor.

Hoover Spotless FH11300PC

Hoover Spotless FH11300PC has a lightweight design for maximum portability. It can spray, scrub, and remove dirt and stains. With a 5 ft. hose, this machine can easily reach spots from anywhere.

Bissell 1400B

Another gem from Bissell is its 1400B, a powerful spot and stain remover with strong spray and suction capability. Its tank has a capacity of 48 ounces to last a longer cleaning time. The machine comes with a hydro rinse tool to easily clean out the hose after use.

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