Gardening Tips for Your Roof

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Gardening is mostly associated with the gardens on the ground. People prefer to have gardening done on their lawns because that is accessible. What if there was another way to get this done? Not all plants have the same requirements. There are a few plants that require direct sunlight and should be in areas where adequate sunlight is available. Apart from this fact, a house looks beautiful when it is surrounded by greenery. Have you looked at houses which have plants on their roof too? Do they look attractive to you? They sure look exotic and if you want to have a roof similar to that here are a few tips that will help you achieve that level. If you want some plants in your house too check out: All Green nursery grasses


The number one thing is for you to follow the rules. Now it is not illegal to grow on your roof but you need to check the ordinances regarding it and the homeowner association regulations. Also if you are a tenant ask your landlord for his permission.

You might be able to start gardening without the said permits but it might end up costing you in terms of fines or even worse to quit the entire setup. It is thus better to be safe than be sorry. Also, make sure that your roof is easily accessible.


Whenever you are to start a new business or work you consult the people who are already pros in that field as to get the best guidelines. When you think of building a house you take bits of advice from the architect about the design. And thus, a consultation is an important aspect whenever you are to start something. In this case, too you are to consult your roofing contractor. Why so? You need to know whether your roof is structurally stable enough to handle the weights of plants and everything you intend to do. When you get a green light from your contractor you can then proceed to the next step.


Well since there are many shapes of roofs you should know which type of gardening is best for which and whether the shape of your roof will be feasible for any gardening at all. The best is the flat roof. It allows easy gardening. In case you don’t have flat roof don’t be upset since a slope (not more than 30 percent) is also acceptable for gardening.


Before you start growing you need to know which type of plant you want to grow depending on the light the plants need and the type of soil. Use the soil that will be suitable for the plants you are to cater. All the knowledge is to be learned before you take any step to ensure proper growth.

Water Issue:

It is time-consuming to use the bucket approach as well as inefficient. If you are having a problem to do this yourself then you can contact roofing Contractors Lincoln Park Michigan to help you with that. A hose, spigot or a simple drip irrigation is useful in maintaining the water supply. You need to plan for the drainage system to. A water run-off can cause problems you can’t even imagine. Thus a layer of sand or gravel can help you to avoid the run-off issue. But make sure from your contractor whether the roof can handle the weight or not. You can also have special drainage mats or insulations to make it efficient drainage system.