Making a Skylight Leak proof

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Making skylight proof is a complicated task but following the steps attentively and by using the right tools can help you complete your work without much hassle. To start the process, make everything ready before starting the project so it would not produce any kind of disturbance at the time of performing your task. The tools that are required for doing this project are hammer and utility knife which is easily available in every house. You also need flashing kit, self-sticking underlayment, and 1-inch nails.

Here are the four step that you need to follow while making a skylight proofing.

Applying self-sticking underlayment

The fits step of making a skylight leak-proof is Applying self-sticking underlayment. This self-sticking underlayment would directly lead take water which might get through the metal flashing into the roofing felt. The process of installation requires the careful step of installing 6-inch wide strips of self-sticking underlayment from the bottom up in a way that each piece apps on the top of the lower piece.

Set the lower flashing

The next step involves setting the one bottom piece flashing on shingle course. It only requires nailing it on the upper corners, not into the roof. It would set the lower flashing.

Add step flashing

One after another stepped seems complicated. However, following instruction would lead you towards a good result. The third step involves weaving the step flashing up on the side of the skylight at the time you install each shingle course. You have to nail it at the upper corner and not on any other side for making skylight proofing.

Add the Top Flashing

The first thing here you should be aware of is that the head flashing is that one fabricated piece that wraps around the sides. There are soldered sealed seams, and fine corners of this piece so it is important to fix it properly. Your next task is fixing and installing the next row of shingles by leaving it about ½ inch of flashing exposed clearly.

Other Instructions

Examining old flashing is very necessary in case you are thinking about replacing shingles around a skylight. Skylight should be carefully removed at the time the old roof is torn off. It is very easy because most of the built-up skylight fits on the lifted club prepared watertight with metal flashing. You can also purchase skylight from a roofing company which provides services of metal fabrication. The cost of new flashing would be between $50 and $100 which seems expensive at the first sight but the benefits are more than your imagination.

Remove the skylight’s counter flashing by removing the whole glass frame which is a lead photo on the below side. You can unscrew the metal channel from the curb on the other models. The next step is to pry off the old shingle and pulling nails in a careful manner for saving the flashing. Now follow all the above mentioned four steps of leak installation. Make a note in your diary that the pieces of metal flashing do not require sealing in each other, they rather require being installed in the correct order. There is no use of roofing cement so it’s better to out away it.

The above-mentioned steps show that the process of making a skylight proof is easy to step. However, you can also contact a roofing crew for doing the task. They can better remove the old flashing because of their knowledge and experience. It would benefit you as you do not have to spend more money rather you can reuse it in a new shape. But if by any chance you are unable to resolve skylight issues you really need to contact professional Roofing and Siding contractors Ann Arbor in Michigan for assistance.

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