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2017 Furniture Trends – Infographic

While it’s not set in stone that one has to follow trends, it is nice to be aware of them all the same. Trends do come and go and can be quite fleeting in the fashion industry but trends in furniture can be something that you can invest in for it to last for a nice number of years. Also, if you are budget constrained, you can still pick and choose small elements of furniture trends in order to still keep them incorporated into your home.

The guys at EZ Living have put together this infographic which charts the 2017 furniture trends so far and it’s anchored with the Pantone colour of the year which you can see has had influence in many interesting furniture pieces and interior accessories. We love all of these trends and there’s no doubt about the fact that having an additional piece of furniture such as a velvet sofa in your home would really increase the character, comfort, and appeal of your home. If you cannot stretch to a full velvet sofa, think about sourcing a luxurious velvet throw for your existing couch; or even consider getting it reupholstered but find a reputable supplier for this.

Upholstered bed frames are also very much in vogue now too and will add a serious injection of style and class to your bedroom. Mirrored furniture is definitely a more contemporary or modern suggestion but it’s proving to be hugely popular with demand for various sizes said to be very high. Check out the full infographic below but it’s safe to say you are sure to find something that you will like and something that will fit into your home no matter what size your abode is.

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