What are Flyscreen Doors and How can you keep Insects at bay with these Doors?

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Kravelv

When you compare the utility and functionality of the flyscreen doors with the normal wooden or steel door, you see that the retractable and aluminum flyscreen doors are more effective and durable in keeping flies and insects at bay. If you already have a main door that is wooden or made of steel and glass, you can still have an aluminum flyscreen door as an auxiliary door, for keeping your rooms free from dust, insects and termites:

  • Aluminum is generally used as a chosen material for the retractable flyscreen doors, as they are lightweight and durable and these doors are available in many shapes, colors and designs that fit well with any kind of interior.
  • You do not require professional help to clean these doors, and they can be cleaned with simple water and liquid soap solutions.
  • These types of flyscreen doors also help you to keep the energy consumption low. They can be used in places which have both warm and cool climates, as they allow enough sunlight during the winter, and do not block the cool breeze from blowing in during the summers.

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What are sliding screen doors?

These are lighter varieties of flyscreen doors, which are quite an economical way to keep the insects and rodents out of your household. The different types of flyscreens are fitted on to a sliding frame with the help of shallow tracks that are made to fit inside the existing joints. The aluminum corners of these doors are light and they are also moisture-resistant, so that the doors do not get damaged due to rust. The nylon rollers which remain concealed give the actual smoothness when it comes to opening and closing the doors.

The retractable doors which have inside and outside mounts

It is very easy for the retractable flyscreen doors to slide in and out of the protective covering that forms a part of their structural framework. There is a different kind of casing for these doors, and for this they have derived the name retractable flyscreen door. These types of flyscreen doors can be inside mount, surface mount or they can also be wall-mount, or can be installed inside the walls.


What is the utility of the different types of flyscreen doors? How can you keep insects out of your living premises, with these doors?

You cannot really stop the breeding of insects and nor can you take active measures other than pest-control, to get rid of the insects. The retractable flyscreen doors are equipped with a mesh that does not allow any kind of insect or fly to enter into your rooms. They are good to be installed during all seasons, as you can also install an insect-repellant along with the door, so that when flies or mosquitoes come to invade your house, you can easily get rid of them. This door also provides an additional security, as it is an auxiliary kind of door that is used along with the main door. So if you want you can also get customized versions of these screen doors, and then you can decide about how to tackle unwanted visitors, salesmen and even burglars. These doors can provide you with the ultimate domestic security. They can also prevent the insect attack; in case you are the owner of a food joint or a bakery or a confectionery.

Most of the newly-invented flyscreen doors can also be operated in an automatic manner, and since they are rust and fire-retardant, you can expect to have a good bargain when you shop for these doors. They are easily available in the online portals, and you can choose from different varieties of flyscreen doors before you finalize any one.


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