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What are the Features and Types of Hot Water Systems?

Water is a boon to all of us! We use water in so many ways and for so many needs, that it needs no stating that water is indeed important for human survival. We have made a place for hot and cold water in our lifestyles. There needs to be some selected temperature of water available for us to make our living more comfortable and less stressful. Thus, there has been the need to constantly heat the water. Hot water systems have helped a lot in heating the water instantly in times of need.

It is very difficult to select the best hot water system for your home. With the level of technology and competition amongst companies, it is impossible to be happy with one and bring it home.  And if your old hot water system just died because you must be all set for selecting a new hot water system which is a trouble altogether.

What features are needed in a hot water system?

A hot water system looks after the supply of your 60% of water needs. This must be chosen carefully and must include the following features:

What are the types of hot water systems available?

 Hot water systems work on several different sources of energy and ways. These are built per the energy they consume to heat the water. The three most widely known types of hot water systems available are:

Electric water heaters: these heaters are in the form of consolidated tanks which are easy to install in any home. They make use of electricity in the house to channelize the energy and heat the water in the tank. These tanks are made of heat resistant materials and come in different sizes of minimum 7L to almost 200L. If you need a full day usage of water heating, then this might be a perfect heater to choose except that it needs too much of electricity consumption which may burn a hole in your pocket.

Solar water heaters: These tanks make use of solar energy to heat the water up. It consists of solar heating panels and a tank which is connected to it. The panels and tanks are placed on top of buildings to be exposed to sunlight to channelize the heat and heat up the water. They can be a good aid if one has that space to install them and can heat up almost 300L of water daily and keep it heated for longer. However, if there is any space problem in installing the same, it might not work properly. It is cost effective as government offers a lot of incentives to promote its usage.

Gas water heaters: Probably the cheapest option for hot water systems, gas water heaters make use of natural gas or LPG to heat the water. Installed in the house, this offers instant heating of water when required and thus can be high on saving energy and low on cost.

Choosing the best hot water system for your home:

Select the best hot water system for your home isn’t that difficult, considering the following shall help!

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