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Emergency Plumbing: 4 Reasons To Hire A Master Plumber

Burst pipes and leaks during wee hours could be the most challenging problems to fix. You may sometimes try to do it your way, applying your DIY plumbing skills for immediate repairs. However, problems could be more extensive than what’s expected and, thus, may require more rigorous and professional treatment. In this case, a master plumber may be necessary.

Suppose your pipes leak late at night and you lack the skills to fix them. In that case, you may need to contact a plumber to get the job done. You may choose a non-certified and certified one, considering the upfront expenses you may need. If you’re in this limbo, here’s an article to guide you in choosing a master plumber. So, read on!

1. Expertise

Master plumbers have gone through licensing processes that generally require passing an exam, roughly 1,700 hours of plumbing work, and a year of holding a journeyman plumbing license. However, these requisites may differ in every state. In some states, plumbers must take two to five years of apprenticeship before becoming master plumbers.

In some cases, plumbers enroll in plumbing training in trade school or work under the supervision of a master plumber. These experiences help plumbers become familiar with the local plumbing codes or the regulations in installing, repairing, and renovating a property’s plumbing system. As a result, these plumbers can work on repairs and installation with minimal or no violations, even during off-hours.

Furthermore, master plumbers can design and prepare plans for the various parts of a plumbing system. Apart from the typical water distribution pipes, these may include waste and vent systems, drainage, hot and cold water supply, and waste treatment facility.

In other cases, a master plumber can offer state-of-the-art inspection and solutions, including video inspection, hydro jetting, electronic leak detection, and snake-and-video solution. However, it’s suggested to check the services and credentials of a master plumber before assuming they can provide these services.

2. Experience

The long years as a journeyman and in apprenticeship helped master plumbers to become skilled in various tools and equipment, such as benders, cutters, and plumber’s torch. These years also honed plumbers to use the different types of augers and other hard-to-handle tools more effectively.

Aside from this, these experiences taught plumbers to be accustomed to plumbing problems, from the most basic to the most complex. Because of this, plumbing may fix issues, such as leaks and clogs, at a quicker pace compared to non-licensed plumbers.

3. Insurance

One of the best features of master plumbers is their insurance coverage. Like any third-party job at home, issues may occur. If this has been the case, a master plumber’s insurance coverage can ensure that a public utility insurance claim can cover damages incurred by the job.

Most, if not all, master plumbers add insurance coverage as one of their company’s features to attract customers and guarantee that they can address possible problems accordingly. However, clients should look for the plumber’s contract before they have them sign up for the job.

You must understand the terms and regulations thoroughly if you’re the property owner. Look closely, especially in the non-disclosure part, to fully understand what the contract offers regarding property damage and injury.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Many property owners hire non-certified plumbers because they’re believed to provide cheaper services. Yet, expensive master plumbers generally help offer more affordable services in the long run since their work typically lasts longer. Because of the quality of the services, plumbing problems are less likely to recur, helping customers to save more.

In addition, master plumbers are usually jack-of-all-trades, providing different emergency plumbing services. As a result, they can offer the best work, with the appropriate materials and a complete set of tools and skills for the job. If customers seek additional services, master plumbers can provide these works 24/7.

In some cases, master plumbers may offer a moneyback guarantee for problems that are less likely to happen again shortly. Since they’re licensed and professional, they may even provide tips and tricks to make the plumbing work better.

Wrapping Up

Emergency plumbing is the perfect role for master plumbers. This requires expertise, experience, insurance coverage, and cost-effective solutions—things certified plumbers have under their belt. Suppose you’re planning to call a plumber because of a clog, leak, or any other pipe problem. In that case, hopefully, this article has enlightened you on the best thing to do.

This article has comprehensively explained why a master plumber is necessary and distinguished a certified one from a non-certified type. Such insights can help you make the best decision for your emergency plumbing needs. If you’re still looking for more reasons, you may ask your family and friends who’ve recently hired master plumbers.

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