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4 Effective Tips To Remove Stains From Your Upholstery

A sofa or a couch is one of the most popular sitting spots in every home. It is the place where you sit and read your book, eat popcorn, watch Netflix, talk to your friends, or simply laze around on a late evening. While it is the hotspot of many activities, this also makes it a frequently exploited surface as well. 

Over time, the upholstery on your furniture such as sofa, couch, recliner, or chair develops dust, dirt, stain, and whatnot. Treating such elements is of utmost importance to increase the life of your upholstery and to improve its aesthetics. 

We have got you covered. Listed below are the easy tips to help you remove all kinds of stains from your upholstery. 

Take out the vacuum cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner is the easiest solution to clean the dust and dirt out of your upholstery. The upholstery of your furniture, as well as the car, should be vacuumed now and then to keep the fabric in good shape. Vacuuming your upholstery once in a while ensures that all the dust, dirt, and crumbs are removed properly. 

If the stains on your upholstery are not so deep, a vacuum cleaner is the best solution to treat them. All the dust present on your upholstery will be sucked away by this device effectively. 

Make your own solution: 

If your upholstery is stained with something more than dirt, vacuuming is not enough. You can make your own solution and use it on the upholstery to clean and wash the same. The process is simple. Assemble ingredients such as washing detergent and warm water. 

Mix the detergent into the water and pour it on the stain. Once poured, you can either rub the stain using a washcloth or let it dry. We recommend rubbing the stains if they are old and difficult. In all the other cases, pouring and drying will serve your need. 

Steam the upholstery: 

If the above-listed tips do not work in your favor, you can resort to the option of steaming. Steaming the upholstery is an effective solution to remove stubborn stains such as oil, ink, tea, coffee, etc. and keeping your sofas spotless and dirt-free. 

The process of steaming the upholstery is restricted only to furniture. Hence, do not steam the upholstery of your car seats as it may damage the material/fabric. 

Use an upholstery cleaner: 

An upholstery cleaner is one of the finest products available in the market. It lets you clean all kinds of upholstery with a swift swipe. Whether you are using it commercially or in your home, the use of an upholstery cleaner wouldn’t disappoint you in keeping your sofa clean. 

This product is a machine-like structure that comes with the attachments such as a vacuum motor, solution tank, recovery tank, heater, pump pressure, and other accessories to assist you in the proper cleaning of your upholstery. An upholstery cleaner is a multi-tasker that helps you get rid of the odor and lets you clean your upholstery most effectively.

Different kinds of mechanisms can be used to clean different types of stains. You may even wash your sofa using this machine to remove the oldest stains. This product is easy to use and comes with a handle, thereby making it portable. Just follow the instructions written in the manual and use this product to keep all kinds of upholstery clean. 

Before you set out to perform any of the above-mentioned cleaning tips, read the cleaning instructions present on the upholstery. Every piece of furniture comes with different cleaning codes. Some fabrics are too sensitive for chemical and steam treatments, and others are prone to all kinds of cleaning and washing. 

Cleaning your upholstery has never been so easy. Follow these easy tips and keep your sofas clean and stain-free. 

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