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Eco-Friendly Tips for Home Décor Ideas

In the mood to vamp up your home décor? Why not try a more eco, sustainable way to do your bit for the planet and give your home a fresh new look.

Any addition you do to your home will increase in potential and add value to your property in the future. There has become an increase of awareness in the way we use products and the impact it has on ourselves, our home, and the planet.

The mindset for homeowners is developing, as the population continues to grow people are starting to realise the impact it has on the planet. We are all trying our bit to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. 

In this article, we will break down a few simple design tips that are eco-friendly and are sure to brighten up your home in a more efficient way, if you’re wanting to know the true value of your home and how the changes you make impact the value read here.

Water-efficient Fixtures

Thinking about replacing the fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom? why not research and find a more water-efficient product. By making these small changes you are creating a positive impact in saving large volumes of water and will decrease the amount otherwise spent on utilities.

House Plants

There are many options in how you can decorate your home, but few are not as good for the environment as houseplants.

The different types of houseplants you have can have a positive impact as well as detoxifying the air inside your home. Why not consider these plants:

Pre-Loved Furnishings

If you’re wanting to buy new furniture, always look for products made of biodegradable or recycled materials. Another option would be finding second-hand preloved furnishings, as this will prolong the use of life and will keep it out of landfill while you’re using it.

Take into consideration when you replace items in your home that you take any necessary steps to recycle the best you can. We don’t realise that our items may end up in landfill if they are not biodegradable, they may stay there for years to come, and this adds wastage being found to impact our planet immensely.


The primary goal of environmental sustainability is rejecting disposable items in favour of longevity.

Flooring: Having solid timber flooring is one of the most sustainable flooring choices to make. There is a low chance of replacing the flooring in your lifetime, if cared for properly and maintained well. If you would need to replace your flooring, timber is a great biodegradable material.

Benchtops: Various natural stones such as granite are durable and near indestructible if maintained properly.

Wallpaper: High-quality wallpaper can last 15 years and is a more sustainable choice if applied with low VOC adhesives, where painted homes would have to be painted regularly to keep the updated fresh look, not to mention the chemicals in paints and the impact it has on your home and environment.

These are only a few simple tips to get you started on a more sustainable greener environment. These ideas can also be beneficial in saving money long term as the majority of a more sustainable green solution is more cost-effective to do.

At the end of the day, you want to create a home that is welcoming, comfortable and brings in positivity. Any changes you make to your home will have an impact on your property’s potential value for the future.


Author Bio:

Adam Smith is an expert property valuer with decades of experience working within the Adelaide real estate market. With his specialised skill set in large scale Residential, Commercial, and Industrial property valuations, Adam is dedicated to sharing his knowledge by engaging in industry education at conferences and seminars. Adam is a Certified Practising Valuer and an Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute (API). LinkedIn Profile

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