Improving Your Home by Combining Art, Design & Renovations

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by Kravelv

Redecorate using a fresh design aesthetic and new paintings for amazing results.

When you are considering the latest renovations and redecorating of various rooms in your home, there are many factors to consider. For some, the colors and aesthetics of the finished room will be of primary importance. Others will be more focused on the interaction of art and design.

modern living room with abstract wall painting

It all depends on what matters most to people about their home, what makes them feel most comfortable, and how much they wish their home to reflect their own personal style, emotions, and personality.

Combining Practicality & Style for Your Home Décor

Before rushing out and buying paintings online, simpler elements of your new home design should be considered first. After all, how can you decide which paintings to buy before you know what kinds of rooms you are going to put them in?

Flooring is one of the first things to consider, and if you want to merge both style and practicality there is really only one choice for many rooms of the modern home: laminate flooring.

Laminate used to be associated with a poor range of styles, low quality, and poor finish, but all of this is ancient history in 2021. Today you buy beautiful parquet flooring for a very reasonable price, in a variety of colors, and don’t require an expert to fit professionally either.

Soft carpeting can make sense in some living rooms, and many more bedrooms, but for high traffic areas of homes such as hallways, and those which require regular cleaning such as the kitchen, there really is no smarter choice.

Choose Furnishings with Intelligent Design

Fitted appliances are one of the most obvious ways to save space in your kitchen – integrated fridge freezers and dishwashers, along with combination oven/microwaves, are just two such uses of intelligent design that could allow you to have the dream kitchen you always wished for.

Taking this idea into the living areas, coffee tables with built-in storage are an increasingly popular item, with even sofas now being found with integrated compartments for storing remote controls, drinks holders, toys, and other items that might previously have cluttered your space.

Integrated storage has long been popular in the bedroom, so it’s surprising this concept took so long to spread to the living room.

And About That Bedroom…

Don’t skimp on your bedding – the bedroom might not be the room where you spend the majority of your time, but a good night’s sleep will improve every other aspect of your life immeasurably.

Great quality pillows and bedding in matching colors with your walls and floors create an amazing look and will encourage you to make the effort to keep the bed made the moment you get up – ready for your next amazing night’s sleep.

Now Let’s Choose Some Paintings!

Our rooms are looking fantastic – decked out in your favorite colors, intelligent design littered all around creating an attractive, decluttered environment. But what about that personal touch? The artwork you fill your home with needs to match both the look and style of your new rooms, but also reflect your personal tastes.

If there is a new piece that you feel would perfectly complement one of your favorite new rooms, but it sits a little outside of your budget, weigh things up carefully before deciding whether to take the plunge. Treating yourself to a new piece of artwork is one of life’s greatest pleasures – but don’t be afraid to consider other alternatives, too.

Integrating Your Existing Paintings

You may already have several favorite paintings that you want to keep around your home, but deciding where they fit in with your new design could prove a challenge. Sometimes moving the paintings higher or lower on the walls can help them complement your new look, while other times you may find that the scale of the piece no longer works in its present location.

Could you reframe that treasured piece, or surround it in a new mat to help it better fit its surroundings? Or perhaps you now have the opposite problem, where a wall-sized painting no longer suits the space in which it lives.

Just remember, not everything has to be entirely perfect – sometimes the solution can be to make your painting so obviously out of scale with its surroundings, that it appears intentional

Groups of smaller paintings can be hung as part of a gallery wall. Collections of paintings displayed in this way work best when there is a notable variation between the range of pieces, but be sure that the various works complement one another in interesting ways. Mix up canvases and framed paintings, perhaps mixed with tapestries and other types of artworks, too.

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