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Easy to Maintain Ideas for Small Gardens

You don’t need a big garden to have a great garden. Small gardens that are considerate and beautifully designed are just as much of a joy to spend time in as broad, sweeping plots of land. So long as you can spend time outside and relax, that is all you need.

Knowing how to design such a small garden that helps you reach a state of Zen, even if the space is small or even not a plot of land at all, but a balcony will help you truly make the most out of your outdoor time.

With these easy to maintain ideas for small gardens, you’ll get the full range of benefits without the hassle:

1. A Wall Garden or Planters

If you want to make it easier to garden, especially in a small space, then don’t plant directly in the ground. Instead, use a wall garden feature or planters to contain your plants for easier maintenance. There will be less likelihood of weeds, and when weeds do show up, they will be far easier to deal with in a planter or shelf than in the ground. Just make sure you first understand the effects of fertilizers on plants and why they are necessary for your garden.

2. A Pond or Fountain

Ponds are great elements to add, and with the option to swap a pond out for a fountain instead for small spaces, there is always an opportunity to enjoy a water element of your own. With the right pond pump and filter, like the highly regarded Aquamax, you can keep your pond in excellent condition with minimal effort.

Water features do wonders to transform a space. The sound of running water is one of nature’s best white noises and works to ease our minds and relax our bodies. If you want a Zen experience, a water feature is a piece to invest in for your small garden.

3. Stone or Brick Living Areas

If you want a living or dining area outside that is low maintenance, then you need to choose an option that limits the possibility of undergrowth. Stone or brick patios instead of wooden ones are far easier to maintain and are often the better-looking option.

4. Hassle-Free Plants

If you want hassle-free plants, choose shrubbery and coniferous trees over other options. You can trim these shrubs in any way that you like, so you can use them as living walls that add beauty to your small garden.

5. Have a Wild Area

Of course, there is nothing wrong with letting your garden go wild. Have designated spots where you just let your garden grow wild. Buy packets of native wildflower seeds and simply throw them on top of the soil every so often to encourage new growth of beautiful, bee-friendly flowers. You’ll be doing wonders for the eco-system in your area and give many bugs and animals a haven.

The best part is that these gardens are very easy to maintain. Remove any hostile weeds (the ones that kill other plants or are prickly) and work to keep them in check and away from your living area, and that’s it!

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