How to Grow a Lush Vegetable Garden in Your Terrace?

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Don’t you think the freshly grown vegetables at home taste far more delicious than the ones which are available in the market? Well, it is all because you are growing these veggies rather than purchasing those from the vegetable sellers who usually use a hell lot of preservatives to store the same for long. But, do the task of growing your vegetable garden seems to be quite hectic and almost impossible nowadays?

Yes! Apparently, you might think like that, thanks to your too busy work schedules or the fact that a 2 BHK or 3BHK apartment is your abode. But, practically the scenario is not the same. It just needs your strong determination, proper planning, and smartness that can lead you to grow an impressive and vibrant vegetable garden in no time!

For example, how about spending some time in the morning or evening for doing some gardening in your terrace? Sounds interesting, right? Yes, that’s possible! For that, you just need to manage your time and the available space properly!!

Wondering how to do that?

Okay, then just take a glance over!!

Raised beds on the terrace: Way to an attractive vegetable garden!

In your terrace, if you opt for making a raised bed and then grow the vegetable garden on it then it will turn out to be one of the most practical and stylish ways of gardening. In the raised beds, you will be able to grow an abundant amount of vegetables in comparison to the containers. The plants usually thrive better in such beds with less care and maintenance. Also, the cherry on the cake is that through this mode you can grow a vegetable garden while being incredibly cheap.

You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment to have a garden in your terrace. You will just need to buy a special raised bed for terraces from any gardening or hardware store, that’s it! Terrace gardening is a real blessing for the gardener who’s short on time, motivation or expertise – to invest in these helpful expandable garden hoses from

However, with a raised bed vegetable garden in it, your terrace will somewhat look like this:


A yet another potential terrace gardening approach: Vegetables in the Pots!!

If you use earthen containers to grow the vegetables on your terrace, then you can easily plant almost any vegetable. Yes! It can be anything starting from potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes to beans, lettuce, eggplant and what not!! Initially, you just have to choose a large pot with great depth.

Remember, don’t go for the thin and poor quality plastic pots because they heat up very quickly while being exposed to the sun for just a short span of time. Also, these pots drain very poorly!!

Moreover, another significant fact that should be kept in mind while growing vegetables in pots are that you shouldn’t use the ordinary garden soil. Instead, you ought to opt for the premium quality potting mix for healthy growth of plants and also high productivity.

So, in this gardening procedure, all that you have to do is to fill the pots with such soil and then start planting the seeds or seedlings of your desired vegetables. And, of course, don’t forget to water daily and remove the weeds on a regular basis.

Want to take a glimpse of growing vegetables in pots? Then, here’s it:


Growing greens doesn’t end here: Vegetable patches on the terrace do wonders!

It wouldn’t be accurate enough if I say that growing plants on the patio always need some or other type of holder. It’s because you can indeed integrate a patch on your terrace and then start growing the veggies that you love to eat on the surface of the terrace itself. But, you should think of this option only when you have a vast and spacious rooftop. It needs a lot of space.

You should fill the integrated bed with soil like a typical garden bed. Then, go for digging, watering and finally planting. Moreover, you can add some good compost in the ground which will act as a natural fertilizer for most of the vegetable plants.

Want to check out a vegetable patch on the terrace? Just have a look!


Concluding Words

I hope now the task of growing fresh and organic vegetables on your terrace will not seem to be something tough for you anymore. So, just opt for any one of these potent gardening strategies, and thus you will be able to make the every dish you cook incredibly mouthwatering with the vegetables of your garden.


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